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Isn’t global warming different from climate change.


Global warming was the initial name for it all but once it became clear that the summers weren’t just getting hotter around the world but the winters were getting colder as well and other weather phenomenon were occurring more frequently (e.g. how many 1 in 100 year storms have places been getting in the last 10 years) then the terms changed to climate change.


I have never thought of it as a Christian thing but I do believe the far right has tried to make it sound like that. But they have a hidden agenda as they are funded those that are emitting the most. Of course the likes of Abott and Trump are going to say it doesn’t exist when they fund and give them profits.


Well now I’m unsure if this is better suited here (Climate & Weather) or Federal Politics (could be both).

Instead of Sen. Canavan apologising for his insensitive (as well being appalling & deceptive) remarks yesterday, he’s doubling-down on stupid:

Attacking children as a way to win votes doesn’t seem like the best strategy (as has been said by others recently); I wonder how many of these kids will have their 18th birthday by 11 May 2019?


Even if you don’t agree with their cause I would have thought it was a good thing that kids are politically engaged.

So many adults complain about young people being apathetic… yet here is a group thinking about the issues and wanting to get involved.

Surely that’s positive? If you don’t agree with the stand they’re taking at least you’ll have a chance to engage them in debate.


I think this cartoon sums up climate deniers and their attitude to science;


those kids are being brainwashed by the teachers, perhaps its the parents as well that is doing it.


Ah yes, the right wing definition of freedom of speech… you can say and do whatever you like provided we agree with it. If we don’t agree then you’re unaustralian or a socialist or brainwashed.

That’s a great lesson for our kids.

You can bet if they were protesting in favour of coal fired power stations our friendly right wingers would be applauding their sense of civic duty and responsibility.


As a teacher, I can assure you we barely have enough time to teach all the content required in the National Curriculum let alone to “brainwash” the students :joy:


Left wing definition is jut as restricitive. I’ve been particularly interested in the opinions of people discussing the protesting students this week. A few years ago when the late term abortions were up for discussion in the Tasmanian Parliament it was likened to child abuse for having kids out of school to attend protests against the reforms on the Parliament lawns and silent prayer vigils. Meanwhile now it’s absolutely no issue with them appearing at protests when it’s something they agree with. For the Greens, it was the same with the forestry protests. Kids shouldn’t be going to a right wing protest but should be free to go to a protest to vandalise people’s machinery and jeopardise their livelihoods.

One final point about these climate change protests by the students, now, I know many of them were there because they believe in it and support it but people surely can’t honestly say there weren’t several students at each rally just going because it was getting them out of school. If it was held on a Saturday, many of these students would not have still been coming along!


Omg dude I think you are brainwashed by the far right.


Or his parents.


His parents probably are far right. I can tell you right now I wasn’t brainwashed by my parents. I have a mind of my own. My parents are definitely center right and there is now way I would consider myself that.


“Brainwashing” is a boring and easy excuse used by both sides to “explain” the actions of young people (and others) with whom they don’t agree.

It totally dismissed the possibility that young people can think for themselves.

It’s an explanation that’s completely devoid of any intellectual substance.

If teenagers are protesting on any issue, taking any stance, I regard that as a positive sign that they’re prepared to engage in debate and will be active participants in our democracy in the future… and isn’t that the important thing?


For sure! I don’t agree with a lot of people but I’ll still allow them to be wrong and I expect them to afford me the same right.

Seriously though, it’s good to have people who do put some thought into issues or where they stand politically. They work out what is important to them women, babies, education, climate etc… and begin to fight for making that better. These people will be the future leaders of our country and the better we can prepare them now, the better leaders and thinkers they can be for us in our latter years.


Possibly true, but then it was supposed to be a “strike” rather than a protest. It wouldn’t have made as much of a newsworthy impact had it been a Saturday afternoon day out, rather than “striking” from school. The fact that the LNP pollies were so outraged by it showed it had the desired effect. I just hope it doesn’t become a common occurrence over every issue of concern.
When I was at school the then government didn’t seem to mind that we lost an entire day of education for no other reason than to go and wave at Prince Charles drive by at high speed.


Young people especially students at any age, are allowed to protest and be political active and protest. Under the UNCRC. They have a right to be heard, and to be able to have their own say without suppression and the idiot that is trying to suppress them - who said that they should go back to school learn about oil or whatever it was- is suppressing their right to freedom of speech and their right to participate in democracy.

Oh and yeah I am a youth worker, so I work with young people a lot. So climate change/enviornment is one of their top concerns too! Shove that up your crack ScoMo government.


NQ forecast from the BOM for Saturday:

“There is uncertainty surrounding the movement of Cyclone Owen, however it is increasingly likely to adopt a track towards the southeast, roughly parallel to the east coast of Queensland, and has the potential to produce a burst of heavy to intense rainfall leading to potential for severe flash flooding, widespread damaging winds and scattered severe thunderstorms along the east coast from the Cairns area to the Capricornia. ”

Not good at all for me. I’m meant to be taking a train to Cairns on Sunday morning, then catching a flight out of Cairns to the UK.

Getting a bit worried about how i’ll get to Cairns!


The BOM forecast for Townsville and Cairns suggests that the most severe weather is for Friday and Saturday, Sunday is looking okay.

Fingers crossed it works out that way for you.


And lets hope that the tracks and roads arent flooded from Friday and Saturday’s rain