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Or just wait 5 minutes.

By the time you get to the next street, the rain will have followed you there and it’ll be sunny where you were in the first place.


She was still 39 at 6PM (someone had some foresight in booking the pool for footy training), it’s only 33 degrees now! The big worry is that because everyone in Gracemere (literally a 10 minute drive away, population of about 8000 and growing) was told to evacuate everyone left at once and the roads into town were crowded. Many would have been sitting in a hot car for an hour for what normally is a 10 minute trip to the showgrounds to the evacuation centre (or longer if they were staying with friends/family as my old man and siblings were).


Cairns has had 3 straight 40+ degrees days along with Ayr, Cooktown, Prosperine


Yes, this system affecting QLD is unprecedented.

The BOMs heatwave forecast has “Extreme Heatwave” continuing for two more days, then dropping down to “Severe Heatwave” and staying there for the entire next week.

Unbelievable stuff.

An interesting point I discovered tonight to summarise this event.
My parents (who live just west of Mackay) have had an automatic weather station running at their property for nearly 12 years now.

The last 4 days have all been hotter than anything recorded in that entire last 12 years.

In the 12 years of records before this event, the hottest they’d ever recorded was 40.

The last 4 days have been 41, 43, 41 and then 44 today.


What is the temperature like in Cairns and Townsville for tomorrow? 40 degrees?


Official forecast tomorrow is 39, but they’ve been forecasting 39 everyday for the last 3 or 4, and every day we’ve actually ended up having 41-45


But Prosperine says that it will hit 40 degrees for tomorrow.


Fire emergency has spread to North QLD today.

There’s a bushfire advice out for my suburb right now, nothing major yet, just telling us to be aware. Smoke looks very ominous from my house


Stay safe.


Hope everything works out alright for you all! I know a few Tassie firies left today and there’s about another 40 I think heading up over the weekend to join the ones from other states. Hoping they can all regain control quickly through them all.

How’s the heat going? Any relief in sight?


For me, I don’t believe in that one at all.

Federal Politics

Another climate change denier… Yet you believe in god and follow something that doesn’t actually nor has proven nor doesn’t exist? Have you noticed the amount of fires that California has had, the drought they are currently experiencing, the crappy weather battering the world. Something has happened, and the climate has changed. There is evidence to suggest climate change is currently happening yet you “don’t believe it” despite the proven evidence exists?

Weird. Tony abott fan I presume?


People that say this are the funniest people! Hahahaha


What is it about the science you don’t believe?


i agree i dont belive in global warming at all nor climate change


I am getting the best laughs. These comments are almost as ridiculous as the current liberal party antics.


Not even climate change, wow!


I think it’s more denial. If I don’t believe it’s uappening then I don’t have to change my ways. It’s sheer laziness and people being too stubborn to change their ways.




I miss the good old days of the late 80’s with the acid rain was about to destroy the planet any year now and then the mid-90’s “an ice age is coming to wipe us all out!!! We’re going to end up like the dinosaurs!!!”

Anyway, not sure why there’s always this link drawn that Christians can’t believe in climate change or human climate affect more to the point or that Christians can’t believe in science. Always baffled me. Science and Christians aren’t mutually exclusive, sometimes they have conflicting theories but so do many things when you compare apples and oranges.

I know plenty of Christians who believe in climate change and if you’re using reference points like Tony Abbott and the far right people, the Christians don’t count them as one of them because they disagree and dislike them just as much.

Me as a Christian though, it’s obvious we have had an impact on the climate. The climate is cyclical however it appears we have accelerated that cycle and if we can do things to prevent it/slow it down/keep things pleasant for everyone then we should. This is the view of many Christians… just you don’t hear about them because it’s much easier to label them all as climate change deniers.