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I’m honestly surprised that none of our Sydney correspondents have mentioned today’s dust storm.

Probably the biggest, or at least the most notable one we’ve experienced since September 2009?


I’m not sure if Sydney was any different to Newcastle, but whilst it was certainly dusty and unpleasant outside here, I don’t know that I’d call it a “storm” as such… It’s certainly nothing like what Broken Hill copped.

The problem is that it doesn’t look like it will improve much tomorrow either, with westerly winds up to 50 km/h.


Yeah, it wasn’t nowhere near as bad as Broken Hill and other places out West but still a bit hazy alongside the Harbour judging by the pictures shown on Nine News Sydney tonight.

Of course from a Newcastle/Hunter perspective, one would imagine that the bushfires around Nelson Bay & Cessnock would’ve got more local media attention.


6:50am, woke up and checked my weather station and found this.

Forecast to be 39 in the city today, 41 in my suburb, and 43 in the suburb where I work.
The air conditioning at work struggles on a normal hot day, I can’t see it doing too well today!


Oh my, that’s awful.

In that case, I’d better not tell you that it’s a very autumn like sunny and 23 degrees here in Newcastle today.


Much, much worse than the BOM were warning us.

Where I work today, it hit 45.2°C for a maximum temperature. Completely unbelievable.
Absolutely smashed through the hottest temperature ever recorded in Townsville.

I stepped outside around this time, 2:30pm, for a couple of minutes to go to a meeting in a different building and within 20 seconds of being out in the heat, I actually started to feel a little bit sick. I’ve never experienced anything like it!

From what I’m seeing online, all 3 of the northern most cities of QLD (Cairns, Townsville, Mackay) have recorded their hottest day on record.


Was it still humid as well?


No, thankfully it dropped down to around 30%


When it gets to 45 here (which is pretty rare), humidity is usually less than 10%.
So I’d say your 45 is even more uncomfortable than ours then.


When it gets to 45 here… actually, just as rare for it to get to 26 the past few summers. Very depressing hearing all these heatwaves all the time but it seems to rarely even get to 20’s in Tassie it feels like. Hoping for a bit more of a summer this year. Clear skies and mid-20’s should be pretty good with a couple of nudging 30’s for a trip to the beach!

I did mention to my wife tonight though seeing the forecast for Cairns on the news about how high it was. I hope it does improve for you, that’s pretty rough. When we went to Cairns for our honeymoon we were struggling with it when it was just over 30 because of the humidity!


It was only 2013 that Hobart recorded its’ hottest ever day of 41.8 degrees!! Must be a northern thing for it not to be hot because the south of state regularly has mid 30’s in Summer.


2013 was aaaaaaages ago! I do remember that day though, as well as the hottest Christmas Day the other year when we were down there. It’s only been the last few summers, just hasn’t seemed to have gone as hot as others. Although, some have lasted a lot longer with the milder temperatures however, still getting to 20 in May I think from memory (too late to look at the figures!)

While Launnie doesn’t get the high peaks that Hobart gets, it seems to be more constant with the higher temps. ie. where Hobart will range over a couple of weeks anything from low 20’s to mid-30’s Launnie will get high-20’s to low-30’s.

Statistically the heat over the summers might not even be correct, could be just perception. Although my weather station at home was regularly getting to the mid-30’s for a period each summer but the last few has maxed out at only about 31-32. Still considerably warmer than the Airport one a few km away. Quite a difference being a couple of km inland compared to on the coast.


11:40pm, this is getting ridiculous! I’ve honestly never experienced anything like this!


Wow, this is an incredible weather event in Qld!

Bushfires in Central Qld (which is unusual as the normally higher humidity helps to prevent them).

And those TEMPS in Nth Qld!
This is unheard of! :scream:

I see on the BOM forecast for Townsville that daytime temps aren’t expected to get back down to the normal 33-34 degrees until Saturday! The only saving grace is the high humidity has disappeared (for now) but that will probably return on Saturday.

However, night temps won’t get below 26 degrees for the next week.


Sydney’s wild weather making news down here, hope everyone is okay and don’t drive through flood waters, even if it looks okay! A lot of Melburnians in Syd at the moment or ex-pats have been calling local radio saying it’s like something else :cloud_with_lightning::cyclone::umbrella:

I’ll remind @NewsWeary, another caller actually said this 10min ago, “when it rains in Sydney… Is rains!” :wink: No deriding there.


Sydney’s weather is predictable. We have a few big rain events a year and the rain in Summer usually comes with a thunder storm after a hot day. I’ve experienced the unpredictability of Melbourne weather- wake up to blue skies, start walking to a train station and get drenched before you arrive.


Fair crack that :joy: “four seasons in one day”


Rockhampton is over 42c… It hit 43.3 at 14:30hrs


Where I am here in Toowoomba we have been suffering power outages all afternoon due to the wind causing power lines to hit each other


Thoughts for those up in CQ tonight. Currently nine fires on the go, just awful


If you don’t like what the weather’s doing in Melbourne, go to the next street and it’ll be different!