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Darwin is actually quite nice at this time of year.


You’re probably right about how Sydney/NSW-centric the “national” media is (even as a Sydneysider, I think it’s ridiculous) but I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for the media to focus on the drought in NSW when the conditions have been rather dry for months now.

Anyway…the Sydney metropolitan area could do with some decent rain as well because during July, I think we only got something like 10 or 15mms of rain throughout the whole month when we usually get over 90mms of rain during July! :open_mouth:

If we don’t get any decent rain during the next 2-3 months, along with the drought continuing unfortunately it wouldn’t surprise me if NSW is looking at particularly severe bushfire season. Comparisons between 2013 (when dry conditions during July were probably a precursor to the bushfires in September/October that year) are again coming to mind, perhaps even moreso than this time last year after the Tathra and Holsworthy/Menai fires during Autumn.


The Sunday Telegraph had two weeks of special reports about the drought back in July.



By the time Victoria and South Australia hit the usual heatwave period (which always seems to fall on the Australian Open - those poor players), it’s usually when the tropics his northern states and flooding rains. The drier and hotter periods of course start earlier in QLD and NSW.

However, this climate has been changing in recent years, as seen currently and last few summers. Which is very worrying.


im sure they can survive, especially when they earn $60,000 for simply turning up to play the first round


To be honest, I think most people in NSW wouldn’t mind seeing some decent rain during the Summer if the drought continues during Spring.


Rain yes, storms no… not a fan of storms.


Tasmania could become very popular for mainlanders to move to in the future, due to the changing climate in the mainland.


Coldest Grand Final in 6 decades in Melbourne this Saturday! As it should be I reckon, Victorian winter sport through and through (okay, maybe not flash for late September). Rug up folks :snowman_with_snow:️:snowflake::umbrella::cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:


Sydney is also forecast to be pretty cool this Sunday for the NRL Grand Final, in which they’re forecasting a top of 18°C (19°C in Parramatta).

Just two days earlier on Friday, Sydney is forecasting a top of 27°C in the CBD & up to 30°C in the western suburbs.


…and at Sydney Olympic Park (the BoM has forecasts for there, remember? :wink:), where ANZ Stadium is located.

Minimum temperatures will also be in the single digits for most parts of Sydney on Sunday, so very different from the “first taste of Summer” weather we’ve come to expect in this part of the world for the October long weekend in recent years!


[quote=“SydneyCityTV, post:474, topic:199”]
…and at Sydney Olympic Park (the BoM has forecasts for there, remember? :wink:), where ANZ Stadium is located.[/quote]

Yes, I’m aware of that. In fact, they have a weather station there. :slight_smile:

So true.

Here are the maximum temps at Sydney Olympic Park on the past NRL Grand Finals since 2011:

2011: 16.6°C
2012: 21.4°C
2013: 33.4°C
2014: 34.7°C
2015: 34.5°C
2016: 26.7°C
2017: 24.1°C

This year’s NRL Grand Final would be the coolest since 2012.


Townsville forecast for next Monday, I’ve lived in Townsville for 6 years and have never seen it get into the 40’s before.

Further south, in the Whitsundays, 43°C predicted. From what I can see on BOM, temperatures have never been that high in recorded history in that area.


Yikes, hopefully it doesn’t quite get that hot next Monday.

Meanwhile here in Sydney, we’re actually going to get some relatively pleasant November weather for the next week. Fingers crossed that the really hot conditions won’t arrive until the start of December!



And unlikely to be a dry heat either, I would think?


Yeah, unlikely to be dry.
While I’m used to living in humid weather, at least the temperature usually doesn’t exceed 33-35°C at the most. Not sure how we’ll possibly cope with 40°C. I’ve honestly never experienced that before, that I can remember.


Didn’t you have a 38 degree day last summer, or maybe the one before?
I thought I could remember you posting about that at the time.
That would be pretty close.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure we did get around 38, I think the summer before last. Definitely close, but I never thought I’d see it get up to 40.

Townsville has seen a temperature above 40 degrees in Spring.