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Off topic, I never realised that you could fly direct from MEL to TSV.

I assumed you would have to change at BNE.


Definitely no need to go to Brisbane.
I can fly direct to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne from Townsville.

My flight from Melbourne yesterday was completely packed too, so it seems to be a quite well utilised route.


Gorgeous weather that the moment - great photo :slight_smile:


In Singapore at the moment, 10am local time and already it’s 30 degrees and 78% humidity. Though it is coming into their hottest time of the year in being just on the northern side of the equator.

It’s forecast to hit 34 degrees today and can’t see the humidity dropping much with it.

Some interesting watermarks on TV here, will post some caps tonight :smile:


Just lived though the weekend blizzard down here :snowman_with_snow:, sunnier today and sun tomorrow ☉




The cold snap has reached North QLD.

Townsville City forecast to be the same temperature as Melbourne tomorrow morning, 5°C.

In the southern/inland suburbs (where I live), it’s usually 2 to 3 degrees colder than the city, so expecting about 2°C or 3°C here in the morning. Amazing for this part of the world!

Further south, in Central QLD, my old stomping ground, Mackay was just 2.3°C this morning, and Eungella (to the west of the city) was -6°C. Plenty of friends/family living down there had pictures of ice on their windscreens and lawns this morning.


Send some of that up to Singapore please.


Central QLD this morning


Nice and white and 0.3 degrees at our house this morning!


Nice pun, not.




Wow, I have never seen that part of Queensland so cold before.


So cold in Brisbane now but I don’t care,like winter. I don’t mind going to work in winter,the only problem is getting up at 5am to start work at 7am when it’s still dark.Summer at my workplace is unbearable not working in air-con


Do we need a Darwin V Canberra rivalry topic?




They’re just marking their territories.


I have relatives living in Canberra but I won’t be visiting them at this time of year,too cold for me


Though Darwin is only “mostly sunny” compared to Canberra’s “sunny”.
They probably didn’t pick the best comparison there.


Who wants to swelter in tropical humidity all year round?