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Whereabouts are you?


Swan Hill in the North West on the Victorian / NSW boarder. The coolest day forcast in the next 7 days is 37 which Melbourne would still call a heatwave :rofl:


Yes, have extended family there, heard from them it got to 46 (Swan Hill that is, not Mildura)


Very warm and muggy across Tas today. Everytime I got out of the car my glasses fogged up. It was like being in a room with a pool all day.

Temps of 39 forecast for a number of places tomorrow, I reckon at least one will break through the 40 barrier.


Finally the end of the heatwave with a lot of records broken for maximum and minimums around. About 22 degrees here still which is well and truly above average for this time and it’s muggy again but should be finally cool again by morning. If not by Wednesday when the Central Highlands will likely have snow again. Yep, Liaweenee is looking at 30 degrees yesterday and then snow on Wednesday. Campania near Hobart broke the 40 mark yesterday too.


It’s just been very muggy here for the last week or so.
Tonight on the news, it was reported that we’ve just had the most humid week in 15 years.

Typically 22-29 degrees each day near the coast, with humidity at or over 60%.
Hotter inland with mid 30s in the western suburbs.

However, that should come to an end in the next 24 hours when a southerly pushes through, with temps set to drop to a range of 17-25 or so for the rest of the week.

Looking forward to that!
But what we need is RAIN.

We’ve only had about 10 mm of it all year so far, there is the forecast of up to 20 mm of it over the next week, but I have a hunch we are not going to get that.


It finally dropped to comfortable levels around 3-4am this morning.

As for rain, the 24 hours to 9am (so far) has 4mm for us but 66mm on Flinders Island, the East and South has copped the rain, not much for the rest.


Yes, was an extremely sultry weekend here. Felt for the tennis players.


Heatwave conditions forecast for Brisbane next week 35 degrees :rage::-1:And I’m returning to work this Monday,hate being at work in summer with no air-con. I have it at home now thank goodness so I’ll be able to sleep ok


Horrible day at work today ,34 degrees in Brisbane with high humidity,only have fans at work and they’re useless on days like this👎


Unless you work outdoors, it’s very unusual to hear of a workplace without air conditioning in QLD nowadays.

We’ve had heatwave conditions this week in NQ too, but i’ve honestly barely noticed it. I’m in air conditioning all day at work, come home in the afternoon and turn on the air conditioning in the living areas, which stays on until bed, then air con in the bedroom until morning. Repeat.

The only time I’ve even noticed the hot weather recently has been walking to/getting into the car, before/after work


I think air conditioning is (unfortunately) an essential for most areas of Australia during the Summer months these days.


I only use my air conditioner at home a couple of times a week, despite my living areas facing south west and getting the sun after about 5pm.

I have blackout curtains, and I’m close enough to the coast to get enough of a breeze to not really need it on most days.

I use a fan in the bedroom at night though.


I work at a plastics manufacturing place so there’s no air-con on the factory floor where I am,only large industrial fans everywhere.only the offices upstairs are air conditioned.


I’m so happy the working week is finally over.This week with the heat and the high humidity work has been no fun at all.:confused:Have felt cranky and miserable all week,the only relief is when I hop in car to drive home and I crank the air-con ,I do at home now too


Really unusual situation in Townsville today.
A stationary thunderstorm sat over part of the city for most of the day today, resulting in the inner city/CBD area recording around 25mm of rain while the western suburbs have had a massive 215mm of rain.

Unfortunately the heavy falls have completely missed the dam catchment meaning our critically low dam will remain at critically low levels despite flash flooding inundating houses and closing roads in parts of the city.

The most annoying thing about all this has been, because it’s happened on a Saturday there’s been absolutely no coverage of it what so ever. There are no local news bulletins on over the weekend to cover the story, and all the local news Facebook pages are also in weekend mode, so we’ve got a major flooding event impacting people’s houses in parts of the city, and many road closures and we’re receiving absolutely no information about it, all because it’s happened on the weekend.

It’s just ridiculous, if this event happened in a capital city you’d never hear the end of it, but the largest city in Northern Australia has flooding on a Saturday and no one in the media seems to care :roll_eyes:


What about on the radio?

I would have thought 4TO would have some announcements or updates on it?


Surely ABC Local Radio would be covering it…


Most of South-East Australia, particularly in NSW & ACT, are currently experiencing unprecedented warmth for this time of year, with Sydney CBD (Observatory Hill) having recorded its hottest April day on record today, currently topping out at 35.4°C. Dubbo is currently experiencing its 13th consecutive day of maximum temps above 30°C, which started on 28th March. At this rate, with the warm weather set to continue until at least early next week (after a brief cool change tonight, going into tomorrow), this could turn out to be the hottest April on record, particularly for Sydney, Canberra & the Central Tablelands of NSW.

By contrast, down in Melbourne & Tasmania, their current weather is closer to a real autumn weather, with the former having an odd burst of summer heat. And over across the ditch in NZ, most of the country, particularly in the South Island, is forecast to have a cold burst this week, with Queenstown expecting a top temp of just 7°C tomorrow, with snow expected in the mountains! :open_mouth:


Yes, I saw this yesterday afternoon in Melbourne Airport while I was waiting for my flight back to Townsville.

Was quite a shock to see “Now 30” on the Townsville screen, and “Now 39” on the Sydney screen