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I am more concerned about it being 45 C today than the overnight temperature


They certainly are on the S-Bahn. Not a single smile in this train


Interestingly, the wind direction change behind the cold front over VIC today is out over sea and dipping towards TAS.

Regional VIC won’t receive any change, still mid-30s+ over coming days (just squalls / clouds this arvo) :disappointed_relieved:


Took a photo of mine for you, attached to the antenna on the roof (and yes the antenna like 25 years old)




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Cool change has hit Melbourne.

But not where I am on the peninsula, extremely rare not to get the change first. Calm, blue sky and apparently 43 here :disappointed_relieved:


Good news everyone! The meme shortage is over


Not in the CBD though, so irrelevant.


Can anyone here actually prove that Frankston exists?



BOM say they essentially severely underestimated the front.

Basically no cool change for Melbourne now, they say the cooler air (wind has shifted south-easterly) is too shallow and is being rapdily heated over land.

:hushed::hushed: don’t see that often


You’re loving this too much!

Centrelink and the Australian taxpayer can.

Good thing it wasn’t called a 10/10 front then!

Here in Tassie, it showed how stupid our local weather station is. Half an hour down the road it was 34 degrees, in the other direction Launceston was 34 degrees. All the home weather stations around the area were 28 - 34. Mine was 31 degrees but then on the news, it was 24 degrees. Having it in the zone where there is always a seabreeze doesn’t provide an accurate temperature for the city or the region. St Helens on the East Coast did hit 40 today though and many places in the high 30’s.


I feel your pain.

When I was growing up, I lived in Mackay in Central QLD.
In those days, BOM had 2 weather stations (currently they have 3) for the area.

One called “Mackay Airport”, located in the actual city area at the airport, and another simply called “Mackay” which is actually not even in the city at all, it is 5km northeast of the city, located right on the beach (within about 300m of the ocean).

For years, the BOM issued all forecasts and observations based on the “Mackay” Station, but similar to you, because it is located right on the beach it would always have much warmer nights, and much cooler days than the actual city experienced.

It was particularly bad in Winter with overnight temps.
The BOM would forecast a minimum of 9 for Mackay, the official “Mackay” Weather Station at the beach would record a minimum of 8.
Yet there’d be frost in the suburbs and throughout the city, with the “Mackay Airport” Station recording 1.

I particularly remember one night watching 7 News, with a news story early in the bulletin about extensive frost and the reporter explicitly saying it was a 0 degree morning then at the end of the bulletin Livio and the on screen graphics said “Mackay: 7”.

Similarly to you, the opposite happened in summer.
The city would hit 36, and the “official” info was that it reached 33.

After years and years of community campaigning, the BOM finally changed their “official” station in 2010 to the “Mackay Airport”, then in 2013 when they did the MetEye software upgrade they changed back to the beach station for 6 months before complaints lead them to finally settle on using the Airport Station as the official weather Station for observations and forecasts.


Wollongong has a similar problem to what Mackay & Devonport faces in regards to weather reporting.

Their official weather station is at Bellambi Point, which is right on the coast, and therefore, it often results on days being cooler & nights being warmer than what most of the city/region experiences. The other weather station in the region is at Albion Park Airport, located approx 15km south-west of Wollongong CBD & about almost 10km inland, which is on the other extreme by which it often has hotter days & cooler nights than most of the region.

Prior to 2008, there was a weather station at the University of Wollongong, which better represented the climate for the region, in which it was not too close to the coast (unlike Bellambi) & not too inland (unlike Albion Park).


On the Mornington Peninsula, there is only (AFAIK) a BOM weather station at HMAS Cerberus (Aus Navy’s national training facility). The next nearest is Frankston.

So despite news bulletins showing suburbs such as “Mornington”, “Rosebud”, etc. They’re obviously just an estimate / aggregate? Annoys me, because they’re usually incorrect.

Yesterday was a good example, the change moved in a strange direction, very slowly and was very weak. So many suburbs (like me) were still really hot until around dinner time. Despite Frankston showing a cooler change mid-afternoon.


It was a weird change, when it came through here we barely noticed, it looked cooler throughout the day but was just cloudy and hot but Hobart and other areas in Tasmania got significant relief. St Helens where it reached 40 dropped 15 degrees in 10 minutes I heard on the news.


But Frankston is on the Mornington Peninsula?


Just played around with the bom app, Portsea, Queenscliff and Torquay all give the same result but can have vastly different weather. If you really want an answer get in touch with the bom or give ABC Radio the question to ask them on one of their chats during the day.


Strange weather in Victoria today. While most of Melbourne had temperature of mid to high 20s, it was 40s all the way across northern half of the state.


We have been in the mid 40’s here for the last couple of days. According to the ABC it was 46 C here today, tomorrow is forecast to be 44 before next week been much cooler being high 30’s. Melbourne complaining about heat waves at 39 is laughable


Isn’t that just southern Melbourne? Why do they get a separate temp?