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Revised forecast of 42 for Melbourne tomorrow …

It’s officially :fire: With no relief tonight, after two hot days.

Btw, apparently ‘feels like’ 60 degrees on Rod Laver Arena now. Heat policy not active until ‘wet bulb’ measurement (direct sun + heat + humidity) reaches I think it’s 40 degrees.


Man, I hope western Sydney doesn’t outdo you once again.


Wet Bulb temperature is taken in the shade… not the direct sun, and has nothing to do with heat or humidity. The wet bulb thermometer is actually used to determine the humidity reading.

The Wet Bulb temperature is the temperature recorded by a thermometer, housed inside a Stevenson screen (i.e. shaded), where the bulb is wrapped in wet muslin.
The reading on a wet bulb thermometer is influenced by how much the liquid surrounding the muslin evaporates.


Then Tony Jones (Nine News sport presenter in Melbourne) has no idea what he’s talking about, as he said exactly what I wrote (about wet bulb), on 3AW this morning.

It’s probably the one area of meteorology I don’t know much about.

luv u bort


Who could mistake a man nicknamed Chompers as an academic?


Yep, wet bulb definitely not in the sun.

Just out of interest, does anybody else here have a Stevenson screen in their backyard or is it just me that gets those as Christmas presents?


I know 3AW radio’s Darren James and Seven News’ Jane Bunn both do (the foemer can’t stop talking about it).

I just have a weather station attached to my roof antenna, not 100% accurate, but does the job well enough I find. Love iT


Well, it is like the latest must have item. Although, in saying that, after I got mine my station died and I replaced it with one of the all in one types which is currently sitting on a totem tennis pole in the backyard instead but has been much more reliable apart from the wind readings because I have to get it higher.

plug plug


And that’s how fake news begins. Not a big AW listener but often seem to catch Jones filling in. I presume Mitchell follows the old show biz mantra of making sure your replacement is decidedly worse than you are.


Stay cool tonight, Viccies and South Aussies.
Temps not expected to get below 25/27 degrees respectively.

Not good sleeping weather, that’s for sure.


Apparently it’ll still be 30 degrees by midnight :sweat:

And thanks @radiohead @ radiohead


Meanwhile I’m sipping a cappuccino watching snow fall outside a cafe window in Berlin.


Oh la di da :roll_eyes:

Go back to your Peroni’s @MTLCK (I’ll still take credit for putting you onto em)



East Coast of Tassie will be going from snow at the beginning of the week to high 30’s tomorrow.


Yeah, so beat that @MTLCK :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a mental image of you doing this in lederhosen. You shouldn’t have posted those images of your bare thighs on Christmas Day!


Close. I’m wearing Timberlands so there is technically some leder.

Those requesting a ChatRoulette will be saddened to note that the snow has turned to rain and the landscape is littered with emotionless Germans.

@LukeMovieMan will be saddened also to note that I haven’t had a Peroni or a Penfolds since Christmas.


Fixed that for you


Yes. I have a CSIRO issued Stevenson screen outside with a temperature/humidity sensor inside it.
Readings I get align well with closest BOM weather station.


when are Germans not emotionless?