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and that’s disappointing because if there is a situation that’s bad and people don’t prepare, they are risking their lives. Simple as that.


On the flip side though, there are better ways of conveying a dangerous forecast than through the use of a representational number.


If people won’t listen, you use whatever means you can to get it through to them and the BoM were correct. For some areas of Victoria it was 10/10.


Have you been watching material classified PG again? I don’t want to have to call your parents but I will if I have to.


BOM have revised down their figures of rainfall for Perth. Down from 35ml on Sunday to 20ml of rain, again on Monday down from 70ml to 40ml of rain. This prediction was only issued yesterday of how much rain was forecast for Sunday and Monday


I agree with all commenters who are saying it’s better to prepare for the worst and get not much damage rather than the other way round.

I’m guessing that you’re referring to this one which I believe infamously wasn’t predicted to happen by the BoM or Sydney’s TV forecasters of the time:


Yes, I think it was that one, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs were the worst affected.


I see what you did there Bort :clap:

And unrelated, anyone remember Sandra Sultry?


I remember her but I doubt she remembers me.


I remember snow while driving up Mount Wellington in January many years ago. Certainly wasn’t dressed for it :smile:


Melbourne’s currently in a heatwave :sunny: :fire:

31 yesterday and two consecutive days of 39 (today and tomorrow).

Very tough for the players at the Aus Open :disappointed_relieved:

This situation happens every year though and many use it as a measure for when the ‘real’ summer has arrived.


Two days is not a heatwave. Somebody’s been reading too much Herald Sun.


Ah… So the Bureau of Meteorology calling it a heatwave means what exactly? :thinking:

I believe it’s officially classified as 3 consecutive days of unusually hot conditions (i.e.) yesterday, today and tomorrow


I wouldn’t consider 31 to be excessively hot during Summer on the east coast of Australia.


Whilst above average yesterday was a lovely summer’s day in Melbourne. It demeans previous heatwaves calling this a heatwave. No wonder the RWNJs are getting their goat up at such nonsense when it’s splashed across the media. Society needs to harden up, Melbourne is blessed with sea breezes and a cooler climate than areas north of the divide and ought to appreciate it more.


Mate, that’s long pants and long sleeves weather where I’m from.


Yep, I don’t make the rules, you’re preaching to the choir.

Just repeating what BOM has said


It could be 37° for five days straight and I’d still be expected to wear long pants and long sleeves to work. I’ve considered telling the boss I’m transgender on those occasions just so I can adopt the female workplace dress code and be a little more comfortable.:grin:


But then you’ll complain about the air conditioning!


A heatwave is three or more days of above average maximum and(/or?) minimum temperatures for the region. So, a heatwave here is shown on the map because we will get high 20’s which is above average which would be low 20’s for us.

I think the classification is also low-intensity at 2 or 3 degrees above, severe at 5 degrees above and extreme at 10 degrees above.