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Only reached around 25 here in North-West Tassie with it being cloudy all day. Had it been sunny, it would have been much warmer. Also been raining all day across much of Tasmania according to the radar but there’s been nothing but a couple of half drops felt. That’s the virga rain again. Been so strange watching it rain most of the day but having absolutely nothing at all.

Hobart reached 36 degrees however.


That’s odd weather for Tasmania?

I would have thought if Hobart was that warm, the north of the state would be warm as well?


Not so much the north west coast, when it comes from the north it really cools down coming across Bass Strait but then doesn’t take long to warm back up again as it goes further south. There’s even been some times where when it arrives, it comes as a sea fog meaning our temps stay in the low-mid teens but only half an hour away they’ll reach 30. The west coast is a strange one too, cops a lot of the weather but will also get the heat when it comes too. Launceston is on average warmer than Hobart and can often have a summer with weeks of temps in the low thirties without a mention but Hobart will vary throughout that time from low twenties to mid-high thirties.

For a small island, there’s a lot of anomalies and a lot of weather which happens down here, the BoM always make mention when it’s a rare warning free day.


Despite that fact, Launceston has less 30+ days on average than Hobart, in which they have an annual average of 5.1 days in contrast to Hobart’s 7.0 days^. As for the average annual number of 35+ days, Launceston has 0.1 days in contrast to Hobart’s 1.7 days^.

^ - Hobart’s figures are based on 1981-2010 average.


I don’t live too far inland from the coast in Perth, the fremantle doctor has been blasting all summer. Wouldn’t mind some of that heat thats happening in Melb/Sydney, its that cold late afternoon you need a jumper on.


no thx. i like the weather perth has right now.


Penrith cracked 47. Officially hotter than @MTLCK’s memes


According to RDS it’s a cool 7o in Noosa at the moment.



It was 0° the other day lol


Penny for your thoughts?


Obviously a mock?

Where did you come up with some of these temps?
eg. Canberra minimum 30 degrees, but Darwin max only 27 degrees?


It’s from ABC News NT on Sunday.

Darwin Airport peaked at 28.1 on Sunday according to the BOM. No idea where they got 30 for the Canberra minimum though - the actual minimum was essentially half of that.


Oh and I couldn’t produce a believable mock if I tried. Here’s the screenshot with controls visible.


Sydney (city)… 47… Please.

Even Melbourne (city) has a hotter all time max, also hottest Australian cap city on record.

Around 46, Black Saturday.

Good pick up @Bort :+1:


47 is higher than 46, Luke



Good Christ everything is about Melbourne with you.


46 and 47, Puhleeze.

Greater Hobart, more specifically Dunalley has a higher temperature. It was from memory somewhere around 60 or 65 degrees and was just a few minutes before the site and the town was destroyed by the 2013 bushfires so never got put down as an official temperature but it did reach it. So, if we’re excluding others and including some for various different reasons to help our arguments here’s mine!


What I was saying is, Sydney didn’t reach 47 did it? The suburb of Penrith did?


Can’t we just agree it was stinking fucking hot in Sydney the other day?

46.4 on Black Saturday wasn’t the highest in metro Melbourne either and that is not a day to be used in a pissing contest about how great Melbourne is.


You’ve taken this out of context, not me. I’d NEVER go there. Seriously?

I was talking about Sydney CBD vs. a western suburb, which is often used for inflation.

And yes, obviously. It was very hot in Sydney :fire: