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And isn’t the experience of watching those episodes on 10 Peach like a flashback to analogue TV or even VHS?!

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Toasted TV is doing a big tie-in with The Addams Family movie today with segments before and after Random & Wacky.

There will always be room for a show like this as long as kids’ products sponsor the show.

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Ahh yes…


But as much as I personally hope this is not the case, part of me wonders if the show may still be on the way out and that some more recent episodes (such as last Saturday’s for McHappy Day and now this Addams Family movie tie-in/competition) are only being churned out to meet contractual obligations with sponsors.

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That should be concerning in itself, the only way that we can make kids shows is by filling them with sponsored content


I love the shit stirring going on for a show on a different network to the one that just axed a show.

There is nothing to indicate Toasted is teetering on the brink, or on the way out. Remember, 10 is the only network with an in house kids production unit… which, yes, has been scaled back recently and is enduring the same industry pressures… but which still has to meet minimum quotas.


How many times do I have to say that I would not be in a celebratory mood if Toasted TV (or any of the other kids shows produced at TVQ) was to be axed? There’s never any joy to be found in the loss of jobs, particularly in the increasingly volitile and shrinking industry that is children’s television.

I do however, have no problems asking what I believe is a legitimate programming question which deserves an answer: How come Toasted TV (which to my understanding, was shown on Eleven and now 10 Peach every morning until these recent changes) suddenly disappeared off the schedules aside from some sponsorship obligations?

If someone like me who avidly follows television programming news has no idea what’s going on, then just imagine how many viewers in the target demographic of Toasted TV are being put offside! Surely there are at least some Australian kids out there who still tune into 10 Peach for a dose of zanyness from Olly & Lia (not to mention Ranger Stacy’s wildlife knowledge, Lee Constable’s science knowledge, etc.)?


I’d be surprised if Toasted TV actually still has a viewing audience.

Yes but the opposition had the branding upfront in the names of their shows with Kid’s WB and Saturday Disney for decades. Where was the concern for that?


Well, Seven got nearly 30 years out of Saturday Disney.

But it’s not off the schedule. It still goes to air 6-9am every day.

Correct. It’s related to Nine’s output deal with WB which began in around 1997.


Some of the cartoons that used to be shown on Toasted TV like Pokemon and SpongeBob have migrated to other channels.

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Both of the shows you mentioned are currently on 9Go!'s “Go! Kids” shift…

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along with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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I thought Nine’s partnership with Warner Bros dated back a bit further than that, what with The Bugs Bunny Show and later What’s Up Doc airing for much of the 1990s.

Yeah early 90s IIRC. but didn’t the output deal then go to Seven for a while and then back to Nine in 1997?

Hard to follow the history of output deals.

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I’m pleased to report that 10 Peach are finally airing a new promo for Toasted TV as of this week…some four months after Elly left and Lia joined the kids wraparound.

But how come this morning’s Totally Wild was MIA? There were even “Today 10.30am” promos airing during the commercial breaks, yet anyone who stayed tuned after Scope instead received an episode of Fraiser!

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They can just slap a Totally Wild intro and outro onto an episode of Fraiser and it’ll be fine :laughing:

Totally Frasier

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Since Kids WB is shutting down, will the Kids’ WB Fun Zone change their name back to Looney Tunes Village?

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