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I thought Nine’s partnership with Warner Bros dated back a bit further than that, what with The Bugs Bunny Show and later What’s Up Doc airing for much of the 1990s.

Yeah early 90s IIRC. but didn’t the output deal then go to Seven for a while and then back to Nine in 1997?

Hard to follow the history of output deals.

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I’m pleased to report that 10 Peach are finally airing a new promo for Toasted TV as of this week…some four months after Elly left and Lia joined the kids wraparound.

But how come this morning’s Totally Wild was MIA? There were even “Today 10.30am” promos airing during the commercial breaks, yet anyone who stayed tuned after Scope instead received an episode of Fraiser!

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They can just slap a Totally Wild intro and outro onto an episode of Fraiser and it’ll be fine :laughing:

Totally Frasier

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Since Kids WB is shutting down, will the Kids’ WB Fun Zone change their name back to Looney Tunes Village?

A couple of questions that @lexington may or may not be able to answer: When do you think we’ll hear an announcement about the new presenter Scope is supposed to be receiving this year? Additionally, when do you think we’re likely to see Lee’s final episode on-screen?

Not sure on both of those, sorry.

I think they usually work a few months in advance though…


Ahh well, it was worth an ask.

I’d like to think a press release or something would be put out when Scope does get their new host but given that the last change in 2016 (let alone Toasted TV’s more recent presenter changes - did they ever make an official announcement for Lia becoming the new co-host after Elly left?) went by with little if any fanfare, I won’t be holding my breath!

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They don’t even announce when their scripted series like Random and Whacky return or when they go on a mid-season break. Bloody hopeless in that regard.


Do the hosts even care about the show?

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Well, it is their job and their livelihood, so yes.


Back on-topic, I think PJ Masks has gone downhill ever since the PJ Masks obtained their so-called “power ups”… I bet you can’t find any pictures of their awful designs online

Seven today axed two kids shows Get Arty and Get Clever.

I don’t know these two programs even existed.

As much as I personally hope this does NOT end up being the case, I personally wonder if we’ll see more childrens programs (particularly at Ten) axed soon.

Admittedly I wasn’t aware of these two programs before today either (probably says something about how much the networks care about their kids shows), but if Wikipedia can be at all trusted they’ve been going for a couple of years now - Get Arty since 2017 and Get Clever since 2018.

It also seems like shortlived Prime7 weatherman Guy Fenton was/is part of “Get Clever” if this is anything to go by.

I think that most networks have given up on children’s shows. Well, apart fro0m the ABC (obviously) . Aren’t Do the three commecrcial networks air them on the multi-channels in the mornings, with next-to-none promotion?

I’ve heard of Get Arty, but haven’t heard of Get Clever before.

When was the last time kids shows aired on the main channels? I know that they are long gone (airing on the main channels). I remember kids shows airing before Weekend Today a few years back. But that’s about it.

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Yep, pretty much.

For obvious reasons I can’t see the ABC or SBS/NITV ever exiting their commitments to children’s television (even if popular titles like Play School and Bluey are unlikely to ever be shown on the main channel again), but I won’t be overly surprised if the commercial networks are airing a grand total of 0 programs specifically aimed at children on any of their channels within the next five years.

No doubt the commercial networks will be glad to rid themselves of P/C classification commitments for good, but personally I think such a move will be to the detriment to their long term future. Without programs specifically aimed at children, will there even be a next generation of Seven, Nine & Ten viewers? I mean, any Australian born before or even in 2000 (so basically anyone who’s currently 20 or older) is likely to have had at least an occasional experience watching a children’s program on the commercial networks when they were in the target demographic, but I actually can’t imagine the kids/teenagers of today ever watching terrestrial commercial TV.

I believe that Seven and Nine moved them to 7TWO and GO!/9Go! respectively at the end of 2012. Ten kept their kids shows running on the main channel a little while longer, but they were moved to Eleven (as 10 Peach was known as back then) just prior to the launch of Wake Up in 2013.


Personally I feel the commercial networks have an obligation to produce C-rated shows. The cost cutting at the ABC and SBS mean their ability to commission new shows and renew existing shows are limited.

As has been mentioned before, if Seven does not produce any programming for children. then they have no chance of attracting those viewers to the network at other times and in the future. They are signing their own death warrant.

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