Changes to TV Ratings Availability: 2021

There are a couple of items related to TV Ratings that we need to bring to everyone’s attention:

Availability of Overnight ratings
Starting this week, OzTAM will start delivering the overnight ratings every morning via an automated means - the biggest change with this is that we will now get overnight ratings for weekends and public holidays the next morning rather than having to wait for the next working day.

In the case of an issue that prevents OzTAM from supplying on this timeframe, they will provide the ratings on the next business day

This is a significant and welcomed change

Availability of Ratings Data
OzTAM have requested us (and others) to remove ratings data that is more than two years old in line with their data licence agreement by June 30th. Subsequently, access to the ratings archive forums will be removed for years meeting this criteria.

While this is an unfortunate situation - the agreement has always required this and we will be complying (likely before the final date). We will also proactively remove access to data that falls outside of this period in future years.

Allowable Data
OzTAM has also clarified what data is permissible to use in accordance with the agreement, we welcome this as there had been some confusion. Based on this clarification, it appears that we have had good compliance with the requirements and our existing rules regarding publishing ratings data will continue to apply.

I understand that people will have questions or concerns (especially around the second item) and we will do our best to answer them - but its important to remember that without the agreement we would lose the ability to post the ratings (which generate considerable discussion and traffic to the site) and we are not in a position to seek a deal on any commercial terms, so we are thankful that OzTAM permits the sharing of their data here.

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Does the ratings older than two years only apply to the ratings since OzTAM was created, or does it also apply to historical ratings prior to OzTAM?

Not sure, I’d expect the former

Good news is that we will be able to see the television ratings for Fridays and Saturdays, instead of waiting for Monday to see these ratings (and thank you to @TV.Cynic if happy to work that little bit more on these days) :slight_smile: And getting ratings on the Public Holidays to, which is a bonus.

A shame that ratings from two years back will be gone from this site, and assumedly from other tv sites too, which sucks. Might be hard to compare certain events like Olympics and the various sporting events (like AFL and NRL Grand Finals) and various Reality TV Finales in the future.

Just a quick query: we are all grateful with the ratings we are given on this site (with the shares, and top 20 in the Total people, multi-channels and Foxtel), which is great. We used to see “television ratings articles” - seeing some ratings outside these top 20. We haven’t seen them in a while, so assumedly, we aren’t fortunate enough to see them? Hence why we only see rankings for some shows rather than the actual numbers?


It’s a pity that we’ll no longer have access to TV ratings from more than two years ago, but it is good that Media Spy will now be able to see Friday/Saturday + public holiday ratings the following day (as per TV Tonight and possibly other sites) instead of having to wait until Monday or the next working day.


It’s a shame that TV ratings from more than two years ago will be removed. The ratings list posted here contains a lot of hard work by TV Cynic and we can’t see it disappear into thin air, never to be seen again.

I think everyone should start saving the archive data to their own computer so it can be retrieved in the future when comparing sporting events and reality shows.

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Yes, it’s very disappointing regarding the archived ratings information. It almost seems like they are trying to hide the decrease in viewership that has occurred over the years. However, even if we were able to obtain ratings under a more commercial agreement, it seems that similar rules would apply.

On a positive note, looking forward to posting the Friday, Saturday and public holiday data in a more timely manner. Today, was the first test of the new system and it was a total success.


Understand if what I’m about to ask can’t be answered for OzTam agreement and/or technical confidentiality reasons. However, is the automatic compiling/sending of ratings data each morning the only difference with the new system or is there more to it?

Good news RE: more days upon release and public holidays

But echoing others, the rest is sad. I have this feeling that TVT have relied on not just OzTam, but other sources over the years (like FTA networks and Foxtel publicity departments, ASTRA, sources, etc) which might explain their ratings on weekends, different looking data sets sometimes, extra data a decade ago, etc?

Which also raises, wonder if TVT data will disappear too (dating back to 2007). If so, then I think we have a real problem :frowning:

Could we possibly do what Johnson suggested (even if secretly and not approved - whoops probably shouldn’t have said this here) and save/download/screenshot? What about the WayBack Machine?

But at the end of the day, what @bacco007 said about just being able to have access to any ratings, is the main thing and a privilege :slight_smile:


I have just checked, TVT’s data goes back to week 20 of 2008 (May 11-17).

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Good idea. Even though it’s a bit cheeky, I like it. I’m not too sure about how it would work, but perhaps the archiving/screenshot/downloading responsibilities could be divided up by those willing to take part?

I haven’t seen any posts from David on TV Tonight regarding whether he will have to remove all the old ratings.

Anyways, a real shame to see that television ratings that are more than two years old will no longer be publicly available.

But on the upside, good news that we’ll receive Friday and Saturday ratings the next morning now, and thank you to the moderators and TV Cynic for their continued effort to bring us keen media viewers the ratings.


It actually goes back to the start of 2007.

In the site search bar, type “Week #” and scroll down until you find 2007. They were published each week until mid-2012 remember.

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@moderators Any indication as to when you will start to remove ratings data?

That’s pretty much it. No human component to the process any more.

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Thanks for the transparency here team, appreciate it.

This is absolute garbage on OzTAM’s part and I cannot see how they (nor the broadcasters) benefit from the removal of old data.


Are they going to try to make mainstream media outlets remove or censor historical news articles too? They are acting like Big Brother.


Nine and News Corp would have a subscription, so they pay for the service.

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One wonders if this applies to tweets by the likes of @MrTVAus and Mediaweek etc.