Celebrity Name Game

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Very strange but at least they didn’t waste that episode.

glad they showed it, but strange that no other new episodes will air this week, nor show any promos for tonights episode.

I’m assuming there are only so many new episodes left in the can now?

Maybe a few weeks worth?

I don’t believe they’ve been showing any new episodes, other than the one from last night, so should have a few months worth in the can based on previous reports?

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Do they think that they are returning to 6pm?

I doubt it. 10 could at least air the remaining episodes, maybe 6pm Sat/Sun nights to replace Bondi Rescue repeats. Can’t rate any worse, or can it? :thinking:


Those dying last words. I am sure I have heard them come from 10 before… In my opinion if it was a dud don’t air it, if viewers didn’t take to it before they won’t suddenly take to it on a Saturday. I say air out all remaining eps on Bold and be done with it.

They should at least try it for a week or two. If it doesn’t work then burn them on 10 Bold.


Just noticed that from next Monday, Celebrity Name Game is not listed on 10Bold.
According to Wikipedia, 113 out of 143+1 Special were replayed.

Wonder what they will do with the remaining episodes?

Saturday nights?


They should try that out.

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Premiered on 13 May last year accordingly Wikipedia, maybe only had a 12-month licence. :man_shrugging:

Makes sense it finishes this Friday if that is the case, as the 13th is Wednesday next week.

No surprise here:

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Thank god.

Have all the new episodes been shown?

No. There are unscreened episodes that may never see the light of day.

But can we assume that people who won money during the show had all been paid out?

I doubt that would be the case.

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I assume that one of the reasons they are not airing the final episodes is so that they don’t have to pay that money out.


I know this has been posted in the 10 News thread also, however posting here for context also.

I personally think that 10 should never have gone down the track of stripping this show at 6pm, given how poorly it’s predecessor was doing in the same timeslot and given the obvious similarities.

Their original announcement as a prime time series could’ve worked, another host (anyone but Grant), and maybe a later 8:30-9:00pm timeslot to allow for a bit more adult content would’ve been good IMO.

On a personal note, I always quite liked the set of this show and it could possibly be re-worked into a talk show format.

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