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Well it’s a good opportunity to test the news at 6pm if they only intended of airing repeats oer summer anyway. If all else fails it will probably come back. I think though that just extending the News is a lazy approach. They should hace gone for a more current affairs style program or something. I’ve alwyas thought that an Entertainment or pop culture type news program (like an Aussie version of Entertainment Tonight) might work on Ten at 6pm.

10 tried the local version of E! News in the 1990s (hosted by Donna Gubbay) at 6pm but it flopped.

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And Nine tried an afternoon edition of Entertainment Tonight and it flopped.

It is now 2019. Very differnt TV ladnscape. I just think something news but is not the same old thing and appeals to younger demos would better bridge the gap between the News and The Project.

Wasn’t it on Tuesdays at 8pm? Unless they tried it at 6pm as well.

I’m pretty sure E! News was a 7pm show.

I seem to recall it was 8:00pm once a week.

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E! News was definitely at 6pm at one point.

Wednesday 8:00pm. NLA Trove October 1999:

It premiered Tuesday nights at 8pm with Donna Gubbay, a former Sale Of The Century gift shop model and Channel V VJ, and Nick Bennett but was moved within a couple of months to 8pm Wednesdays. There were rumours that Gubbay would be replaced by Charlotte Dawson during the first months but Dawson ended up joining the show as fashion reporter. The show underwent an overhaul mid year. Nick Bennett didn’t survive the revamp.

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Look at that TV schedule. That is such a blast from the past and better than what we have today.


A cryptic message from CNG’s Facebook page? Axed?




I think it’s safe to say extended news at 6pm is here to stay.


Looks like the fate of the show has been sealed according to Herald Sun’s Colin Vickery:

Ten says it hasn’t made a firm decision but quiz shows aren’t working at 6pm. Pointless also flopped.

“It has been very challenging … we haven’t seen the (ratings) growth we want to see,” (10’s chief program officer Beverley) McGarvey said.

“We feel like there is a real appetite for news at the moment. We did it (extended bulletin) as a trial and it is going really well.

“If this is something we can make work for our audience then of course we would consider it for the long term.


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If they make the change, then maybe they can play put the leftover eps Celebrity Name Game on Saturday nights at 6pm-7.30pm.

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I feel bad for the winners who yet dont get their money because ten hasnt aired the eps

I believe they dont get paid unless the episodes air if I am correct

That had been the policy in the past, it’s a term and condition in the contract. But apparently some game shows recently have gone against that and have paid winners even when episodes didn’t screen.

I feel that this is the best suited timeslot for a gameshow and Celeb Name Game (or a gameshow of any sort) might actually do OK here.

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