Celebrity Name Game

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Sometimes after a day of work we just want to sit down and not think and be entertained and don’t want to think. We don’t have enough of that light entertainment on free to air IMO. I’ve said in the past I think Pointless had potential but it needed to be more like the UK hour format and was also on the wrong network (more suited to the ABC).


Agree 100%. Celebrity Name Game would be much more expensive to produce for very minimal ratings improvement. No doubt Denyer’s salary would be more than Mark and Dr Andrew’s combined.

Grant would be a network talent so they’d have to pay him regardless.


Your theory goes out the window since the $10,000 went off tonight. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Also went off Thursday, hence my
a few posts up.

Double whammy. :rofl:

Ten must be reading this forum haha as I’d been saying similar things for a while! Good to see and I hope they continue.

I much prefer shows that play out in order of shoot as the results seem less constructed. Big winners on Thursdays episodes of The Chase are very rare…

The Chase (stats courtesy of @ jamesstca )

  • The contestants have only ever won twice on a Thursday out of 163 attempts!
  • Yet on Mondays they’ve won 93 times out of 159 attempts!
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Yet you hadn’t said it in this particular post. Funny that. Can’t say I’ve noticed the difference between different days of the week, but I also couldn’t care less.

But rescheduled these episodes weeks in advance contemplating your comment last week. :rofl:

This week -

Monday - Melody Thornton & Justin Lacko
Tuesday - Julie Goodwin & George Calombaris
Wednesday - Tim Blackwell & Steve “Commando” Willis
Thursday - Tom Ballard & Scott Tweedie
Friday - Denise Drysdale & Natalie Bassingthwaighte
First appearance by former Pussycat Dolls member Melody Thornton.


A bit sad we’re already up to the stage where we have to note “first time” appearances. It’s only been on for a couple of months.

Not great timing for George Calombaris to appear on the show.

What difference does it make?

He’s also on the 2.5 hour Masterchef finale the same night.

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Saw a promo tonight during Survivor, in which Grant calls for viewers to apply to compete on the show.

Have you applied? Or is it restricted to Sydney residents?

Next Week -

Monday - Jay Pharoah & Nikki Osborne.
Tuesday - Will McMahon & Woody Whitelaw.
Wednesday - John Edward & Osher Gunsberg.
Thursday - Dave O’Neil & Joe Hildebrand.
Friday - Anthony Callea & James Mathison.


Since the promo is shown in Melbourne, that means Australian residents can apply.

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I don’t see why you’d need to be a Sydney resident regardless if you can pay your way to be there for the taping?

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