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I just went into 2CA and 2CC and got a T-shirt. The very nice receptionist gave us a tour of the building. It’s a good setup.


That was a bonus then getting a tour.

Tony’s just sent mine up to Sydney too, & said they told him they were selling out fast, either they don’t have many to sell, or really do have quite a few listeners?


I had a look around the building last year close to when it first opened, I had a job interview there where the sales manager (or whoever it was that interviewed me) basically ripped me to shreds and spent a long time critiquing why I had a music degree and ‘what my plan was’ when I pursued that.

He then went on to condescendingly explain that “I don’t really think you understand what this job entails” (the ad was vague anyway) and ended by saying I should probably go back to uni to finish my postgraduate qualification. Really made me question why I was dragged down there for an interview in the first place and left a bad taste in my mouth.

It shattered my self confidence for a while and I was very nervous for the next interview I had.

Thankfully today was a good experience, the receptionist was very nice and we had pleasant chit chat. Don’t think I’d ever want to work there though


They still had some of every size left, but maybe less than 20 for some.

I was surprised that they have four studios, one for each of 2CA and 2CC and two spares, plus two smaller news studios and one production studio for commercials and promos.

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That sounds like they have 7 studios, not 4?

For a small AM radio network in a declining industry it sounds like they have a lot of money for studios and facilities

Yes. I meant four full size on-air studios.

PS. I just looked at the label of the 2CA T-shirt and it is a Gildan made in Nicaragua. From past experience the Gildan sizes are never right and they are guaranteed to shrink. So it’s as well I got an XL.


XLFM/3GG are looking for a new Announcer/Music Director:


Is Gazza Warne leaving??

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Looking at the playlist of both stations through there, it appears that 2CA & 6iX are now back to using their own logs.


A reminder that Capital have no foresight. We all knew Alan was winding down and Nine’s long planned acquisition would hasten that.

Yet Capital were too hasty to save money and cut a local shift.


Does Canberra have much talent that was born in Canberra and could do breakfast radio?

It wouldn’t overly surprise me if shifting Leon Delaney to breakfast (and running the 2GB program with whoever the new host is at drive) is exactly what 2CC have in store for the post-AJ era.

While it would’ve been preferable for neither local shift to be axed, it was a bizarre decision to axe breakfast rather than drive which 2CC has been extremely low rating in for years.

If the Capital Radio Network really had to cut down to one weekday local shift, surely it would’ve made more sense to keep local breakfast while having networked content on 2CC at drive (which still isn’t ideal, but networked drive shows seem to becoming the norm on radio right across the board)?

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Macquarie and Jones are obviously influential on the Liberal side of politics, so piping him into breakfast where his most loyal audience is living and working is a logical move.

Remember too that most of the talk audience in Canberra is with the ABC - either Local Radio or RN - and 2CC hasn’t been competitive as a talk station for as long as I can recall. I’ll leave my thoughts about Alan aside; his show is completely different to the ABC offerings, let alone the other commercial radio offerings, and if your ratings are sub-5% standing out is one way to build share.

That is, of course, reliant upon enough of the Canberra market to be interested in a shouty man up the Hume to grow revenue from. That’s what Capital is interested in: making money. Without Alan, and depending who is appointed to drive on 2GB and 4BC, I suspect they’ll move Delaney into breakfast. There’s more revenue there to be made (I suspect) than a low rating drive show; the Canberra market isn’t like Melbourne or Sydney where hard, opinionated news can be sustained across weekdays.


Whilst in Crookwell today, discovered that the 106.1 2GN relay feed has been switched back to mono (was stereo last May when I was there last). Am guessing it will stay that way until 2GN moves to FM (as Eagle 103.7 is stereo).

Still has stereo pilot though.


Stephen Cenatiempo will host 2CC b’fast.

Tim Shaw missed out, wonder what the relationship was with management.

Best wishes to Stephen retaining the job for a sustainable length.

It’s now on 2CC’s FB page:


That press release is something.

Two new local radio stations! Ignoring the fact, of course, that one of them (My Canberra) was a relaunch and the other (Snow) is piped in 100% from Jindabyne with no localisation whatsoever. But I digress.

Curious to see how Stephen fits into the Canberra market. I’m not sure the Tim Shaw fan club will enjoy his style of broadcasting much!


I wonder if he started that himself.

Not enough free sets of steak knives?

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His last day with Blyton Group will be Friday, July 24, with his announcement to be announced in the next few weeks.

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