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Tim Shaw didn’t seem to have lasted long in his new timeslot, which was only for over a month, given the below news.

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His post on Twitter:

…so that now makes it five (six, if you count Chris Mac’s stint) drive presenters that 2CC has had just since 2016.

Management have no idea how to operate a successful talk station. Should have Graham Mott on retainer as advisor.

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Does anyone have any idea why Canberra community FM stations: 91.1 1CMS, 91.9 1WAY & 92.7 1ART have moved their FM transmission facilities back to Black Mountain tower?
They originally commenced there.

2-4 years ago all three community broadcasters: CMS, One Way FM & Artsound FM moved to Poppet Hill (on the ACT/NSW border east of Canberra).

Looks like the move back to Black Mountain occurred sometime between January 2019 & April 2019.

Answering my own question I discovered this:

So the move back to Black Mountain tower occurred July 13, 2019.
Also reference to DAB+ for station soon.


Did 2XX 98.3 move to Poppet Hill in conjunction with the other community broadcasters? The ACMA RRL has them listed at Black Mountain

No 2XX stayed put at Black Mountain Tower.

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Radioinfo has picked up on the above conversation:


It’s great stuff to hear 2CA doing a live OB tonight being a Saturday night. Yes no doubt it’s a paid promo but still, proof Capital Radio still shows initiative in these days of automation and networking.


For what @clickso? Who was the client?

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Murrumbateman Pub. For all intents and purposes I think it was a good cross promotion, like the old Jukebox Live that 2WS did in the 90’s


Excellent, they need to be doing more of that, being seen, reminding the audience they exist.

For an AM music station, active marketing of digital radio is necessary too. Does 2CA do any of this?

2WS did this very well. Did Dave Sutherland do similar on KOFM?

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I was in Canberra over the weekend on the way back from Melbourne, & listened exclusively to 2CA.

I’m not sure why this doesn’t rate better, it’s actually quite good. The 2CA log used to be quite a bit different to the 2XL/2GN/3GG log, but now it’s not that much different.

You’ve got Cathy Dinn & Rob (the Duck) Duckworth on 2CA now as well, so there’s quite a bit of Sydney metro market professionalism there too.

2CA coverage seems to be greater than it used to be, but it’s been a while since I’ve driven that stretch of the Hume Hwy, it was quite listenable on AM to the Illawarra Hwy turn off to the North (just after the Sutton Forrest Service center), but probably could’ve gone further, (2CA out did the 2GN coverage to the North), & then way past Gundagai in the South, maybe somewhere around Tarcutta?


AM music stations in competitive markets have struggled for years.

Aside from that, effective promotion is the only other answer.

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Some have, but 4KQ Brisbane is quite competitive & rates well, same with Cruise in Adelaide.


What shift?

He’s the floater I think, was on a couple of shifts Sat & Sun, & was filling in on Mornings on Monday, though all this week I think?


Thanks @RFBurns

I agree. When I was in Canberra last month, I listened to 2CA the most, and didn’t even bother with either Hit 104.7 (which carries the same log as the rest of the Hit regionals, inc Newcastle & Central Coast) or Mix 106.3 (which has its own log).

Apparently, 6iX in Perth (where I’m currently holidaying) carries the same log as 2CA, just on a 2-3 hour delay due to time zone difference.

At least when 2GN/2XL converts to FM, at least you would still be able to listen to 2CA at night at home in Lake Macquarie, @RFBurns. :slight_smile:

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