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I doubt anyone would confuse the modern KIIS brand with the KIX 106 brand which hasn’t been in use for more than 25 years.

Either way, the reasons why the Mix brand and former network logo remain used in Canberra seem fairly obvious…


If Mix 106.3 want to rebrand, I’d say Triple M Canberra is more likely to happen…


Yep, definitely agree there.

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I guess it’s a question of would co-owner ARN allow or want it to change to Triple M.


I would’ve done the opposite if that’s the case. Go KIIS104.7 and Triple M 106.3.

Too late I suppose. But at least it would better represent the stations.

Seeing that old Mix logo just reminds me of easy listening & the Love God.


Looking at the Canberra RA1 licence area map, I think the boundaries should be revised.

The Ridgeway and Carwoola residential areas in NSW to the north east of Queanbeyan are not in the licence area, but the nature reserve to the north of there across the border in the ACT is in the licence area.

The whole Googong area in NSW, which includes the older larger residential blocks and the new development near Googong Reservoir, is also not in the licence area and neither is the forthcoming development of South Jerrabomberra in NSW which is across the border from Hume in the ACT.

And Uriarra Village in the ACT has always been outside the licence because it seems ACMA used the Murrumbidgee River as the boundary there and Uriarra Village is on the other side. Similarly Gundaroo is just outside the licence area as it is on the wrong side of the Yass River which is used as the boundary there.


Revising boundaries is a great idea but can’t remember when it was last done.

Your observations are spot on of growth areas.

Don’t forget Burra made a submission to ACMA on receiving digital radio too.

Bundaberg has another anomalous boundary that should be high on the priority list to redefine.


Tim Shaw didn’t seem to have lasted long in his new timeslot, which was only for over a month, given the below news.

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His post on Twitter:

…so that now makes it five (six, if you count Chris Mac’s stint) drive presenters that 2CC has had just since 2016.

Management have no idea how to operate a successful talk station. Should have Graham Mott on retainer as advisor.

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Does anyone have any idea why Canberra community FM stations: 91.1 1CMS, 91.9 1WAY & 92.7 1ART have moved their FM transmission facilities back to Black Mountain tower?
They originally commenced there.

2-4 years ago all three community broadcasters: CMS, One Way FM & Artsound FM moved to Poppet Hill (on the ACT/NSW border east of Canberra).

Looks like the move back to Black Mountain occurred sometime between January 2019 & April 2019.

Answering my own question I discovered this:

So the move back to Black Mountain tower occurred July 13, 2019.
Also reference to DAB+ for station soon.


Did 2XX 98.3 move to Poppet Hill in conjunction with the other community broadcasters? The ACMA RRL has them listed at Black Mountain

No 2XX stayed put at Black Mountain Tower.

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Radioinfo has picked up on the above conversation:


It’s great stuff to hear 2CA doing a live OB tonight being a Saturday night. Yes no doubt it’s a paid promo but still, proof Capital Radio still shows initiative in these days of automation and networking.


For what @clickso? Who was the client?

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Murrumbateman Pub. For all intents and purposes I think it was a good cross promotion, like the old Jukebox Live that 2WS did in the 90’s


Excellent, they need to be doing more of that, being seen, reminding the audience they exist.

For an AM music station, active marketing of digital radio is necessary too. Does 2CA do any of this?

2WS did this very well. Did Dave Sutherland do similar on KOFM?

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