Starring: Mathew Le Neves, Nadia Townsend & Axle Whitehead

The telemovie about the King of the mountain set to air on Network ten and WIN later in 2016

Feels like it’s been coming foreverrrrr…

Oh, that’s cause it has.

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When I think of Brock I think of Bathurst. It has been promoted since 2015 Bathurst 1000 as coming soon

I thought Natalie Bassingthwaighte was going to be in this.

But wasn’t it announced at the Upfronts the year before that? Still a long way to wait for a tele movie.

She sure is.

Oh good. That’s the only reason I had any interest in it.

[quote=“turdall, post:5, topic:1679”]
I thought Natalie Bassingthwaighte was going to be in this.
[/quote]Yes her role is Julie Bamford Brock’s girlfriend.

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It will be good to see that Matt Le Nevez on TV again, he’s never been given a go on TV anymore :sunglasses:

Four series in one year could be a record.

apparently the tree is a major star at the end.

Oh did I give it away. Sorry.

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He was just on this season of Love Child and The Kettering Incident.

And soon making a guest appearance in Offspring and the lead in Brock. Not to mention those cringeworthy Holden ads. Apart from those he’s relatively obscure :sweat_smile:

They had issues with old footage etc. Channel 7 didn’t allow them to use old footage from their broadcasts. So I guess that explains the delay

The Sunday Telegraph’s James Phelps writes today the telemovie will be shown before this year’s Bathurst 1000.
This year’s race will be on October 9. The NRL Grand Final will be on Sunday night October 2 so there is no way Brock will be shown against it, so I think a midweek screening is possible.

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Its a two part series. Which I think is possible to screen Brock on Bathurst day for the last part of the telemovie

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Hopefully Ten air this on Tuesdays instead of repeats.


Just reading up on Brock, late last year said that it will air in September. Which is somewhat consistent with Ten’s 2016 grid, and James Phelps recent comment on Brock. Also telemovies have always aired on Sundays not Tuesdays. Tuesdays seems a bit stupid. I reckon September 18 it will premiere or thereabouts

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Just because they have ‘normally’ aired on Tuesdays doesn’t mean it is stupid to air it there… Shows like Bikie Wars aired on Tuesdays to great success. Brock also has a similar audience to what NCIS previously had.

I hope they air it on Tuesdays so you can finally say something negative about Ten.

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Looking forward to Crystal making an appearance.