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Good. It should never have been that low to start off with. Although it’s a bit disingenuous for Woolworths to care so much about farmers now. If they cared in the first place they would never have done these $1/litre milks.


The competition with Coles does that.


Coles shouldn’t be doing it either


Coles has refused to raise the price of its branded milk because it doesn’t want to increase the cost of living, but has vowed to find a better funding model to help dairy farmers.


They’ve just recorded a $738 million profit. There’s your funding model :wink:


From what I’ve read, the supermarkets are only part of the problem.

I didn’t realise until this morning that under 10% of milk produced actually ends up being milk you buy


Tonight’s AFLX at Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium marks the debut of perhaps the longest virtual advertising banner in Australia - a 100 m long digital banner on the wing. In this video, it was promoting Varta batteries.


Should’ve checked what colour the tea were wearing first…


:joy: Headspins. Epic fail.


I hate those virtual sponsor boards, horribly disgusting. Bathurst 1000 is the worst :nauseated_face:

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Cadbury Creme Egg Block out now.



I see Coles have reintroduced Starburst, although it was only around 5 or 6 skus.


An interesting read on the last Blockbuster store in Australia, and the second last in the world, published a couple of days ago:



Gonna need a fact check on that one


There’s Blockbuster Video signage outside a small complex of shops in Warilla, NSW. The store closed years ago. Every time I’m down that way and I’m stopped at the traffic lights outside those shops I think what a valuable collectors item that would be and wonder why somebody hasn’t already tried to take it.


Reuters reports Ferrari will race in Formula One’s season-opening Australian Grand Prix next week without branding for Philip Morris’s Mission Winnow initiative amid concern about tobacco advertising.


There is.


I miss Blockbuster/Video Ezy.