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You’re not wrong about that.

I was drinking V for a while and then my doctor said I developed high blood pressure. I gave it up and it was proven to be the root cause.

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It’s habit forming, especially if you’re (as I was at the time I drank them) working long days and rarely taking a meal break… came to my senses eventually!

I prefer to make my own cold brew coffee, add some sparkling water and take it in a flask these days.

I get reflux from even thinking about sparkling coffee


Found it at Woolies today and tried it. Not bad but like Rocky Road, I think the Darrel Lea one is better once again.

They have just introduced a lot of their regular blocks and limited editions in this chunky bar size in Coles and Woolies: Peppermint, Coconut Rough, Popcorn etc.

Seemingly at the expense of Snack bars. :confounded:

Oh FFS - just give me cheap groceries Coles and Woolies. Shove your mini shops and Disney collectables up your collective arses.


you know you dont have to collect them?


I know. But they’ll shove them down our throats. I’d rather them actually improve their customer service instead of these shitty stunts.

So are they being shoved up or down? And where?

Where ever they like. Just not down my throat or up my arse.

Which other way is there!?

In the ear, noise, eye or peehole?

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You look like a guy who’d enjoy a good sounding

I’m going to walk away from that…

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Who knew Yowies were so popular overseas and a huge money spinner sonce 2015?

$23.7m in 2018 and $25.3m in 2017. :open_mouth:

Woolies has started selling them again. The chocolate is made in the USA so I guess that’s where they’re from.
I bought one recently for nostalgia’s sake.

I’ve seen in them in the supermarkets for a while. Maybe two years. I didn’t realise they were made in the USA though. :open_mouth:

I always thought there was a big marketing opportunity that was wasted with these things. They should have made a cartoon for television using those Yowie characters. Could have been a chance for some big bucks in movies, toys and other merchandise.