BodyHack With Todd Sampson

I’d have to agree, some absolute fantastic viewing tonight.

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Sadly I don’t think that BodyHack will improve in ratings. It needs stronger lead ins (would be better after Bachelor or Survivor) or a move to 7.30pm. I keep forgetting to watch this because I keep thinking there is nothing on Ten Tuesday nights.

Ten has confirmed that BodyHack will return next year.

Maybe Sampson will include some more actual ‘science’ in the next series as it was promised but lacking in the first series.

So low rating though. I wonder if they got overseas sales to make a second season worthwhile.

This is back.

The show was always coming back, if I’m not mistaken it was supposed to air last year but may have been held up with filming. The article doesn’t really state anything new, other than ‘coming soon’.

EDIT: tweet from the shows twitter account today

BodyHack coming to Thursday nights.

Given MasterChef often has its MasterClass on Thursday nights, BodyHack will have an interrupted season this time.

Things change.

Extended sneak peek as shown on Ten tonight.

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No subtitles needed for this promo for episode one of the new series.

At least someone credible actually agrees with quite a bold statement that we’re so used to hearing from the other commercial networks.

Twwet from Todd about tonight’s show

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Why wouldn’t they screen it?

I also found this interesting that Discovery wouldn’t screen it, while confronting I’m glad Ten showed it relatively uncensored as it was intended because I really enjoyed the first ep.

Presumably because the content and footage was deemed to be not suitable for broadcast.

Well obviously. But why?

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A later tweet still didn’t give a definite answer, though there were plenty of possibilities. My guess is the amount of full frontal nudity would have been difficult to edit out.

For it to be called “Is the most disturbing thing I have EVER seen on TV” by a man who watches a lot of TV, surely it was more disturbing than just nudity?

There was