In a way I understand holding back premium titles for Foxtel such as Wentworth and other scripted and lifestyle content - they need to do a balance act. They can’t just kill Foxtel. There needs to be a content incentive to still sell foxtel.

But at the same time if they featured a Foxtel and Lifestyle logo in that logo lineup - and added in all their premium aussie drama and top rated lifestyle content - I think It would help sell binge too And drive subscriptions

They have fantastic aussie drama. It seems a shame to not get it out to as many eyeballs as possible

Stan has almost 3 million subs. If Binge got close to that In a few years. That’s a lot of people NOT seeing your best original content. And if they were people who do not subscribe to Foxtel anyway…

HBO Max is taking ALL HBO content, they are not holding any back

But then again HBO Max cheapest price is A$25 and Binge is A$10

That is a huge difference


Sounding more and more like Comic Book Guy every day.

Worst Streaming Service Ever! :rofl:

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Looks like what Presto should have been 4 or 5 years ago.

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No Star Trek! That’s licensed to CBS isn’t it?

Depends which one you’re talking about, CBS have licensed them to different platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime outside of the US.

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Binge sounds like a massive waste of time. Only Foxtel could put together such a dreadful product. It’s not Netflix that’s laughing to the bank, it’s Stan and NEC.


Presto, as a brand, was much better than Binge IMO.

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What is so wrong with it?

What would you change?

It’s no different to Foxtel.


You Mean the content?

Foxtel is a linear cable / satellite service about $50 a month

Foxtel now is a streaming linear service of 60 channels for $25

Binge is not linear and $10 a month

Other than content, binge is closer to Stan and Netflix than Foxtel or Foxtel now

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It’s linear PLUS all the same content as binge being able to be streamed.

Binge is being panned nearly everywhere by the public commenters in forums etc. People don’t want it and there isn’t the demand for another streaming service especially from the likes of foxtel and news corp.


You mean they same 10
Millón Australians that read news Corp papers And Websites every day? Or the 9 million that watch foxtel? Or the 100,000-500,000 that make Sky And fox sports the #1 Pay channels and fox sports ?

I think primarily foxtel now is a cheaper linear version of foxtel. And all cable providers have on demand content. It’s also $25

Binge is clearly a streamer and at $10 it’s more than half price

So if it’s the same content for less than half price on a new Interface? What’s the problem.?

Foxtel is dying and they need to compete in this space. They need evolve the business

Are you suggesting they should find new content that already isn’t signed up somewhere? Or not evolve or get into streaming at all? What would you like them to do?

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9 million Australians have Foxtel? In what universe is that happening?

Please, 100K people watch ABC News SA in Adelaide and Sky is doing well if a single show reaches 100k nationally. If a FTA tentpole series got 500k it would be deemed a failure. Don’t overestimate News’ audience.


Foxtel is in about 3 million homes, with 3 million people per average household that is 9 million people regularly consuming Foxtel

You conveniently ignore context. Pay TV has 30 % penetration with people who have it dividing viewing between 120 channels instead of 20. sky and fox regularly have 10-15 of the top shows. Yes 100k is small compared to FTA. But 1 millón FTA is small compared to 10 million FTA in the US. But context…: they are 2 different universe

But the point remains. If Australians hate foxtel and News Corp, why - from the top selling newspapers in the country - to to Foxtel with 3 millón subs - why do Aussies en masse Pat for News Corp products when people claim aussies will avoid binge because it’s News Corp?

Seems a stretch to me.


About $120 a month if you want the packages with the most content and sport.

Ridiculously overpriced to be honest but I’m willing to pay lol - however with the launch of Binge I will probably cut down my packages with Foxtel.

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Its the involvement of the Murdochs that drives a lot of the hatred


What do you get out of Foxtel?

If people hate Murdoch so much as people on media spy claim, why do aussies consume his media empire n masse and Make him rich?

Or is this just media spy outrage?

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