Best Places to Live

So there is a selfish reason for this thread. I am looking to move to Melbourne in the coming weeks. Currently looking for something temporary. What suburbs are the best to live in in Melbourne.

This is what I want:

  • Close to the city (30 minutes max on tram/train/bus)
  • Public transport (I don’t want to drive)
  • cafes, gyms, parks close by

Any help would be great.


Box Hill and Caulfield are best to live based on public transport choices.

Do you know what Brunswick is like?

I wouldn’t recommend Brunswick because I find it to be a dump. From my experience, train access is just ok and peak hour never has a train less than 20 minutes between one another.

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Paging @LukeMovieMan to thread, @LukeMovieMan to thread.


Well, the Mornington Peninsula of course, but I’m bias :wink:

But it’s 1hr from the city.

Inner west, Kensington, Flemington, Ascot Vale. Inner East, Kew Richmond, Hawthorn East Melbourne. Albert Park. Middle Park. St Kilda to the south. Never found the north attractive.


Thanks a friend recommended it a while back.

Haha thanks. Yeah an hour isnt ideal.

Caulfield recorded the highest proportion of violent break-ins, with 26 per cent of the 164 burglaries there involving violent entry.

-The Age. June 15, 2017.

Might need to take some self defence classes before moving to Caulfield.

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I have been doing boxing classes once a week.

Damn. I was going to suggest Frankston, on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.


I think you mean Morningscum?

Yeah I have been to Frankston and I am not planning on returning anytime soon.

It may have changed a bit in the 20 years since I was there, but I didn’t find Frankston lived up to the bad reputation when I was looking for somewhere to base myself during a six months stay working in Melbourne. I wasn’t at all comfortable in certain suburbs closer to the city. Found accommodation in Chelsea and often preferred to spend leisure time in Frankston rather than the city.

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Try to get on the train or tram line with best acces to your work/uni; getting across town is not recommended.

We’re just trying to push my buttons now aren’t we son?

The sh*t-hole of Australia.

Believe me.

(Apologies to anyone who lives or is from there, such as the Cannings from Neighbours)

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I would agree with Flemington. I lived there for several years. Very good location close to the city, transport (train, tram and CityLink, although I don’t recommend driving if you can avoid it!). Shops and cafes are OK from what I recall but probably not as great as other trendy spots. Don’t know how cost effective it is these days, though. Might be a bit exe.

My all time favourite Chinese restaurant was on Racecourse Road. To this day I still compare any Chinese place to that one and very few stack up. Decor wise it was decidedly plain but the food was awesome and cheap. Problem is the owner moved on and closed the place a few years ago. Still miss it to this day :frowning:

Used to be a good pizza joint nearby too. I suspect it’s also gone now.


I spent a decade in Kensington, found it much quieter than Flemington with a more village like feel to it away from the through traffic. As for transport, three railway stations on three separate lines meant multiple options for the commute home and the 402 bus was super frequent from Footscray to East Melbourne.

Macaulay Rd traffic could be terrible with the boom gates being down fort rain after train on race days and show week or the daily shunting of the wheat train at the flour mills.

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Please see below for my 2 cents worth, all suggestions are close to the city and relatively easy to catch public transport.



Albert Park
St Kilda

Port Melbourne

Currently there now.
Good if you want to get into the city quickly on the Train or the Tram. Tho if you want to go to the eastern end the 402 would be the best option as it’s now every 10 minutes since 2015, also good if you want to go to Geelong, Bendigo or Ballarat on the V/Line.

Crust Pizza on Racecourse Road or Kensington Pizza on Gower / Macaulay?

IMO, Kensington East (The part between Kensington and Macaulay stations) is horrible for DX due to the Altitude and buildings nearby, also something to note and if you are DXing around there. There is a very high powered pager site about 1.3km away that intrudes on some of the 2 Metre Freqs, as well as JOY 94.9 and SBS Radio which tends to cause havoc in the lower FM band.

Something that I saw online was that the higher part which is near the Racecourse can receive Bendigo TV.

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