Bauer Media


Bauer will integrate editorial teams across Woman’s Day, NW and OK magazines, with 11 jobs expected to be axed.


The Victorian Court of Appeal has ordered Rebel Wilson to repay $4.1 million plus interest she received in a defamation payout. The court has also ordered her to pay 80 per cent of Bauer’s legal costs.


Hopefully Media Watch will also get former Seven West Media magazine staff to reveal the truth of what happens there.


Bauer has promoted Cosmopolitan digital managing editor of features, Lorna Gray, to the role of editor.


Rebel Wilson has applied to the High Court of Australia for special leave to appeal the Bauer Media damages judgement against her. Wilson likes The Castle.


Woman’s Day in legal trouble again.



I don’t understand how people can be so gullible. How can people buy these magazines and think they’re reading the a true story?

Put simply, any story that quotes information from a ‘family friend’, ‘a close source’, ‘someone from their inner circle’ etc, etc is COMPLETELY FABRICATED!!


Kellie Hush has quit as editor of Harper’s Bazaar magazine after six years.


Perhaps the 60th anniversary souvenir for the TV Week Logie Awards didn’t do too badly, as Bauer is now putting out a special souvenir for 85 years of The Australian Women’s Weekly, focusing on the magazine’s coverage of the royal family



Are Bauer still producing Picture and People magazines? I’m surprised they’re still going, now that there is multiple online sources for amateur porn and Page 3 models. :rofl:


The crusty redneck bogans that buy them don’t know how to operate the internets machines. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


there’s still a lot of neckbeards around.




There will be nobody left there soon :thinking:



If Bauer does not want Cosmopolitan, Pacific Magazines should pick it up pronto.


Why? It’s closing due to low sales. What would be the benefit to them picking it up?