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Peter Ford today claiming on Twitter that Rebel is making $15k a day? week? (can’t remember) so she could “start the charity process” if she wanted to.


I despise these magazines, but I must admit that out of all the rubbish stories they have published over the years, to me the ones about Rebel Wilson are very mild compared to others and even have a degree of truth to them.

I think the main reason Bauer are appealing is because of the precedent set by this payment. I read somewhere that they’ve already sent her the cheque for the full amount (although we all know you can’t always believe what you read).


If you read it in one of their gossip magazines then you know you can’t believe it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Regarding their appeal, Bauer Media should f**k off and get nothing. Barely anyone wants to read your ‘news’ anymore.


This happened today


Seven, Nine, News Corp and Macquarie Media are to apply for leave to intervene in Bauer’s appeal against Rebel Wilson’s defamation verdict. The four companies will make a joint submission to the appeal court. Source: The Australian.

It appears they are concerned that the judgement sets a precedent? Macquarie (2GB/Harbour Radio) currently has at least four defamation cases running in the NSW courts, Nine has at least three current defamation cases, and News Corp also has at least three (News and HWT).


Yes, this verdict sets a dangerous precedent. Media outlets mightn’t be able to air or publish completely unsubstantiated claims anymore! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seeing how News Corp just made up a bullshit story about the ABC wanting Waleed Aly to host 7.30, you just hope that the ruling goes against them and somehow they could be made to pay out more money in damages. :laughing:


It was reported that the companies all have outstanding defamation cases pending - Seven and Nine both have multiple cases.


These magazines are out of control with their bullshot stories now. Woman’s Day has a story with a cover headline that claims Karl Stefanovic’s girlfriend is pregnant which is utter rubbish. He should sue them.


He lied. Home and Away is back to featuring every second week and another recycled headline “Who Dies?”. Who cares? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I need to go back and see how many of these types of covers Pia Miller has featured on but obviously not died. It’ll be a relief when she finally does get bumped off. :joy:


You won’t be waiting too long if the rumours are correct…




Bauer today announced it would close Yours, Homes+ and Recipes+ magazines, with the final editions to be printed by the end of January 2018.


Bauer purchased what was ACP Magazines for $500 million in 2012. What would it be worth now? A half or quarter of that, I wonder.


Try a tenth or less.


They keep shutting down titles but why do they start up weird new ones? I saw a Yours Retro “New” title today. It had Elizabeth Taylor on the cover. WTF? There wouldn’t be that many fans still alive, would there? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


they tried to kill the aussie edition of F1 racing and only sell the UK edition.

the probably would have gotten away with it too if the UK version was not so different in terms of the paper they used (the aussie verison has a glossy cover whereas the UK version has a rougher feeling cover).

they did this for 4 months and than brought it back


Yours (and Yours Retro) are just Australian adaptations of UK titles. I’d say they’re very cheap to produce here if a lot of the content is just regurgitated stuff from the UK.


Mumbrella adds that Bauer has closed Myer’s custom magazine Emporium and will stop publishing Weight Watchers’ custom mag next year. That means Myer will have to find another publisher if Emporium is to be revived.