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they tried to kill the aussie edition of F1 racing and only sell the UK edition.

the probably would have gotten away with it too if the UK version was not so different in terms of the paper they used (the aussie verison has a glossy cover whereas the UK version has a rougher feeling cover).

they did this for 4 months and than brought it back


Yours (and Yours Retro) are just Australian adaptations of UK titles. I’d say they’re very cheap to produce here if a lot of the content is just regurgitated stuff from the UK.


Mumbrella adds that Bauer has closed Myer’s custom magazine Emporium and will stop publishing Weight Watchers’ custom mag next year. That means Myer will have to find another publisher if Emporium is to be revived.


Wouldn’t Myer be paying for that outright? They probably don’t see it as financially viable and no longer fund it.


I’d love to see a magazine called Up Yours. :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:



There won’t be any reason to visit a newsagent soon.


there hasn’t really been for years.

Why on earth did Bauer buy ACP? There is clearly no intention of growing the business and they are just progressively knocking everything down.


Quite right. I’m left scratching my head on this one. This magazine has so much high end advertising in it. I find it hard to believe they can’t keep running a magazine from that advertising revenue especially comsidering how much of their content came from overseas Esquire magazine anyway.

But then again, if they didn’t have all their fashion shoots in exotic locations around the world and didn’t send their journalists across the planet for every interview they did, they might have all kept their jobs.


Some secrets about how publishers fake their circulation numbers. Giving away many more copies of magazines than actually selling them.

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Bauer Media’s general manager of women’s lifestyle and entertainment Jayne Ferguson has decided to quit. CEO Paul Dykzeul will add the entertainment and lifestyle portfolio to his role.


What a joke Bauer has become. The CEO is taking on editorial responsibilities to save money.


there’s so few magazines left he’ll be able to do the whole lot soon


Australian Women’s Weekly editor Juliet Rieden has been promoted to editor-at-large, effective from March 19. Rieden will continue to contribute to the brand, writing and commissioning cover and inside stories, and will remain the title’s royal correspondent and books editor. News editor Michael Sheather will depart the magazine after 22 years.



But Wilson still loves Channel Nine, stating that she watched Married at First Sight.


Cosmopolitan editor Keshnee Kemp has been appointed the new editor of Who magazine. She will report to her former Bauer colleague Emma Nolan, who is now editorial director for New Idea and Who.


Bauer has bought magazines Inside Out and Country Style and Homes website from News Corp. Country Style and editor-in-chief Victoria Carey and Inside Out acting editor Victoria Baker will remain in their roles. The first Bauer print issues of Country Style, Inside Out and Homelife magazine will be on sale July 12, July 26 and August 20 respectively.