Australia's Got Talent


I must be one of the only few who is glad this is coming back. It all comes down to getting the right host first, Larry would be good or Joel Creasey or hey spend the bucks and get Adam Hills. I doubt it happening, but would love to see Simon Cowell as judge.




Dream judging panel: Hugh Jackman, Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue, Olivia Newton-John (Julia Zemiro as host)

Ideal judging panel: Simon Cowell, Todd McKenney, Dannii Minogue, Rhonda Burchmore (Julia Zemiro as host)

Likely judging panel: Kyle Sandilands, Joel Creasey, Sophie Monk, Dannii Minogue (Shane Jacobson or Edwina Bartholomew as host)


Simon Cowell is a must have if they want any chances for it to rate well.


I would love to see ONJ as a judge but sadly I think she is way too sick.


You won’t get your likely panel. Sophie contracted to nine.


Just as well. Only one I would actually like to see is Dannii.


He won’t do it. There must be a reason why he hasn’t appeared before.

Rohan Keating is probably going to be casted.


Any thoughts on host?


Shane Jacobson is my bet.


He does have a busy schedule (AGT, BGT, X Factor UK), so another show would likely be out of the question.


Fingers crossed for Julia Zemiro.


Dannii will have to be part of it, she’s probably contracted to 7 for if Dance Boss was a hit.


Dannii to host?


That’s what I thought…


She’d be better off as a judge because she certainly didn’t deliver as host of Dance Boss. She’s not good presenting talent.


Not defending Seven or anyone here, but I have a feeling Seven might’ve revived this because they have monitored the successes that was The Block and Australian Survivor when they were revived on Nine and 10 and are doing wonders for their networks. Seven are probably hoping this will be whatever Australian Survivor/Block is to 10/Nine to them, with decent shares that will keep them competitive rather than fall away.


Yeah maybe. But with the 2016 failure of the same format on Nine still a relatively fresh memory (by contrast, The Block & Australian Survivor returned after 5-10 years off air), I strongly doubt that Australia’s Got Talent will be a roaring success for Seven in 2019.

I’d even go as far as saying that it would not be overly surprising to see AGT 2019 receive The Biggest Loser: Transformed-like figures.


Which is why Seven should revive Big Brother :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just kidding of course. Seven should try and invent a format or try a new format that’s never been seen here in Australia. As many said, there is a pleothra of entertainment shows out there that Seven could try (Masked Singer, Infinite Challenge, Running Man).


Watching this really interests me in the new version this year on Seven. I hope they take the production values of the UK and US versions and see where the past Australian ones have failed. Get the right host/ not necessary though, build it around a dynamic judging panel and this show works; I know she’s polarizing but I’d love to see Dani and Mel B as part of our panel, and preferably no Idol or X Factor past contestants.