Australia's Got Talent


Seven relying on reboots to survive. Can’t they persist with something like Nine and 10 until it sticks? They’re so reliant on one-hit wonders.



Here we go… AGAIN. Wasn’t the last series on 9 a floptastical failure?


Only one particular ex-member would be excited (just as he does with everything on Seven). Bad decision IMO.


Interesting to see on who will host it. I’m thinking Edwina Bartholomew or Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies


Shane Jacobson?


This would be the reboot that literally nobody asked for.

Is this where TV is at now, just keep recycling reality show franchises. Seven will do one season. It will flop. Nine or Ten announces they’ve picked it up. Starts the cycle over again :no_mouth:


It’s Great to hear AGT is making a comeback or reboot back to 7 where it all started a great change from cooking, love,& renovation reality formats let’s hope the show is more about the performances less about the judging panel & please make Australia’s got Talent to Australian Resident’s only as on Britain’s got Talent they had people from a lot of other countries competing but actually not residing in the uk.
To me makes a mockery of the show’s title , less back stories
I think if it’s done well it will be a surprise hit but please no more Mel B
Too much screaming during America’s got Talent this last season & the Ego.


God spare us.


Seven has already had a show like that called All Together Now. Why can’t they just keep that instead of flogging a format that Australians switched off from years ago


I guess it’s because ATN alone is not enough to fill their schedule, unless they increase the number of singers/episodes.


I’m thinking Julia Zemiro considering she did a creditable job with ATN and Seven execs were impressed with her presenting at their upfront.


And with her music show hosting experience on SBS … if anyone at Seven watches SBS.


I hope it’s only Aussie judges


With his time on Little Big Shots, working with kids, I think he is likely.


I think you have the abbreviations the wrong way around. AGT would be Australia’s got talent ATN would be All Together Now :stuck_out_tongue: Too confusing for me too.


well spotted:)


Notice how the logo keeps flopping back and fourth with each reboot


Shane Jacobsen and Julia Zemiro might work as a duo.

A small chance that this show may impress (considering Bride and Prejudice did alright after being rebooted) but seriously they have to come up with newer ideas.


it’s the shitty American logo. the UK logo is so much better imo