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I thought Prayer deserved to go through over the girl with dark hair that just dominated her group and caused the others to not do as well. I was happy Jet didn’t make it through but I think he should not have it through the prior round as I thought Eijah was very good better than Jet and should have made it through

How dare she be an exceptional performer and outshine everyone!

Reminder: “There can only be one Australian Idol”. It’s their job to outshine.


She wasn’t that good and was very arrogant and dominating to the detriment of the other two people in her group.


I was up in Sydney for a few days over the weekend, so we got tickets to the Sunday night show they filmed at the Sydney Colosseum. It was the 3rd of the top 21 performance shows, so we saw who was through to the top 12 (obviously I won’t spoil).

They pretty much filmed it close to like it was live TV. They took only a few mins break when it was the commercials and only a couple of times did they stop to re-film something (both times were the hosts filming an intro again). Then there was one bigger break when the judges were deliberating on who goes through, where they actually left the room.

It was surprisingly quite a big crowd and the studio setup looked really sleak. In the breaks the judges would turn around and interact with the audience a bit which was nice. Kyle was getting quite impatient at the end after their deliberation, asking them to hurry up with the last segment. He clearly wanted to get out of there. When filming stopped Ricki, Scott, Marcia and Amy all went up on stage to congratulate the top 12 but Kyle bolted out the door. It was close to 8pm so I guess he had to be up early for radio.

Talent wise show 3 was strong and the judges seemed to comment on it being harder decisions than some of the other shows.


Meet the Australian Idol Top 21

Judges blown away by raw talent

Tonight on Australian Idol: 21 performers moved one step closer to their dream as the final judges’ challenge – performing solo in front of a live audience – separated the singers from the stars.

Judges Marcia Hines, Kyle Sandilands and Amy Shark were blown away, with

Amy saying: “I can see so many of these contestants on radio. All the artists feel very fresh. It’s really exciting. I do not know how we are going to get one Australian Idol out of this group, there is so much talent.”

Marcia acknowledged: “The solo performance is for us to assess how the contestants work with the band for the first time and how they deal with the live audience. This is showbusiness, only the toughest have what it takes to survive.”

Kyle agreed: “Anyone can talk the talk but when it comes to walking the walk, that is not so easy, and that is what we put the contestants through.”

While some contestants soared, immediately advancing to the next round, others struggled with the pressure and scraped through to the Top 21 after being put on notice.

Nineteen-year-old Ripley Alexander from Fernvale, QLD, cemented his Top 21 spot with Blondie’s Heart of Glass, taking note of the judges’ feedback to tap into his emotional side.

Amy said: “I feel like you looked into my soul.”

House painter and doting dad Dylan Wright, 30, from Northern Rivers, NSW, could do no wrong in the eyes of Marcia and Amy. Kyle, however, worried that his take on Tina Arena’s Sorrento Moon “was technically perfect but…gets so boring.”

Amy called out Kyle’s grumpiness as Dylan moved straight through to the Top 21.

Rockhampton country queen Denvah Baker-Moller, 23, shone with her rendition of Yellow by Coldplay. Amy called her voice “iconic” noting: “Australia: this is what an Idol looks like.”

Twenty-two-year-old Queensland camel farmer Trent Richardson stepped outside his comfort zone with Rihanna’s Stay, impressing Kyle who said: “A six-foot-three cowboy singing a Rhianna song; it doesn’t get any more fair dinkum than that!”

Powerhouse Victorian vocalist Imogen Spendlove, 23, made Marcia tear up with her “better than the original” version of Phil Collins ballad Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now).

Karratha’s TJ Zimba, 24, proved he could work a crowd like a stadium star with Airplanes by B.o.B.

Supermarket worker Isaac McCallum, 23, from Ulladulla, NSW, survived his stumbles to advance in the competition. Kyle noted: “When you shine and when you’re on I love watching you, but then you get the speed wobbles, like a trolley with a bung wheel.”

Marcia added: “If you act like you deserve this everyone will believe it.”

Four other artists – 25-year-old Jackson Smith, 28-year-old Bethany Byrne, 22-year-old Olivia Britton, and the youngest in the competition, 17-year-old Kiani Smith – advanced after being put on notice for their solo performances.

During a tough Top 30 week**, Australian Idol** said goodbye to Cynthia Negash, Jonathan Wells, Jess Chalmers, Billy Menhennet and Gab Hester from Victoria; as well as Prayer Corby from the Northern Territory; Eli Parr, Jet Cameron from Brisbane; and Jesse Lazaroo from WA.

Sunday night**:** Prepare for epic performances and serious glow-ups as Australian Idol’s transformation week sees the Top 21 fight for a spot in the Top 12.

Watch performance highlights:

Ripley Alexander, 19, Ferndale QLD - Heart of Glass, Blondie

Imogen Spendlove, 23, Melbourne VIC - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) Phil Collins

TJ Zimba, 24, Karratha WA - Airplanes, B.o.B

Trent Richardson, 22, Rockhampton QLD - Stay, Rihanna

The Australian Idol Top 21:

• Amy Reeves, 24, Broome, WA

• Bethany Byrne, 28, Mooroolbark, VIC

• Chenai Boucher, 26, Seaford, VIC

• Denvah Baker-Moller, 23, Rockhampton, QLD

• Drea Onamade, 25, Perth, WA

• Dylan Wright, 30, Bangalow, NSW

• Imogen Spendlove, 23, Melbourne, VIC

• Isaac McCallum, 23, Ulladulla, NSW

• Ivana Ilic, 20, Mill Park, VIC

• Jackson Smith, 25, Werribee, VIC

• Jake Carlson, 20, Mernda, VIC

• Kiani Smith, 17, Bribie Island, QLD

• Kobe White, 24, Keysborough, VIC

• Kym Miaco, 28, Lightsview, SA

• Natasha Rose, 19, Moreton Bay, QLD

• Olivia Britton, 22, Wodonga, VIC

• Ripley Alexander, 19, Brisbane, QLD

• Saoirse Harding, 19, Gold Coast, QLD

• TJ Zimba, 24, Karratha, WA

• Trent Richardson, 22, Emu Park, QLD

• Tyler Hammill, 21, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Australian Idol Transformation week

7.00pm Sunday and 7.30pm Monday – Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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I also remember Guy Sebastian launching a tirade at one of his contestants, Mitchell Callaway, about his attitude on a live show of The X Factor in 2011.

He apologized in the following few days following that outburst.

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I’m surprised that they didn’t edit this out in the end, but I guess they knew this would create stories and headlines.

What a non event of an article.


Gary Barlow (who was in Sydney earlier this month) was the guest mentor.
The judges would be able to grant a Fast Pass to a contestant so that he or she could go directly to the top 12 without waiting for the decisions at the end of each episode.

The other big change coming is there are three episodes for the Top 12 next week, instead of 2, but Seven is yet to confirm how this plays out.

The top 12 performance show will take place on Saturday February 24, with the results show on Tuesday February 27.

I think the top 12 performance show will air across two nights (the first six on Sunday, the other six on Monday) with the results show on Tuesday. EDIT: confirmed by advance guide

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Fun fact, though off-topic: he was a mentor on the UK version of The X Factor between 2011-13, temporarily filling in the void of Simon Cowell who during that time was a mentor on the American version of the show (which lasted only three seasons).

When one says ‘guest mentor’ he appears in one pre packaged appearance with one contestant that is singing a Take That song. He is not with any other contestants or in the actual performance shows with the other judges.


Thoughts on last night’s top 21 part one

Imogen delivered a brilliant rendition of From This Moment On, and deserved to receive a Fast Pass from Marcia. When her performance was posted on the show’s Instagram later on, Shania Twain even gave her approval.[/spoiler]

Imogen’s advancement however put pressure on the remaining three contestants Bethany, Kobe and Chenai, especially after the judges delivered great comments to Dylan and Drea. Was a bit surprised that Ripley scraped through to the top 12 given his pitchy performance.

Kyle and Amy still had their own Fast Pass but I am not sure if they had to use it.

Each judge has one Fast Pass to use this week - I am sure it will work out that one will use it each episode.

I was thinking Seven would’ve been very pleased with this season’s performance so far (all things considered)… Until I saw yesterday’s end-of-week confirmed VOZ (total audience) ratings where Married vs Idol was 1m+ margin which would surely bring a tear to a Seven executives eyes.

It’s bvod (7Plus), saw somebody on TVT mention this very thing this morning, getting blown away, especially on-demand. Demographics a worry too.

@TV.Cynic any thoughts?

I’m not sure what point you are trying to make here. Everyone knows that MAFS is in a league of its own ratings wise. Still Idol is up year on year and is rating well compared to a lot of Sevens other offerings last year (despite stronger competition). Seven would be happy.


I think they are trying to say how 9Now has a much bigger audience or % share than 7+?

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Given MAFS is never going to be beaten in its timeslot (at least while Nine has the tennis, which I’d say is having a halo effect on its early season ratings), I’d say that Seven and Ten are effectively playing for second place here.


I think MAFS ratings are the exception. The fact that Idols ratings are respectable going up against it is commendable and shows growth season on season.


There’s no real battle for second place though. At least in total viewers, Idol was almost 300k average audience ahead of Survivor last night.

It’s hard to compare year on year with the new ratings system but it looks like Idol is performing much better than most of Seven’s 7.30pm offerings last year, despite having MAFS as competition (which previously almost everything struggled against).

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