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…and watching Prime Video and listening to Amazon music. Best value streaming service there is!

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I’ve watched the rest of the series and I think I was too quick to write it off as rubbish. I think it deserves some credit for the storyline and twists along the way. It’s still a shame about the level of swearing in it. The main character still seems rather cartoonish compared to the rest of the cast. Probably what turned certain viewers off. I’ve spoken to others about this show and others said they gave up on it either because they didn’t like the high levels of coarse language or didn’t like that character. Shame.


Any intel on Luxe Listings: Sydney ? I know there was talk about trying other locations, however have not heard anything on a season 4.

Not sure why Amazon needs to bring in ads. Their shipping business surely is raking in the cash unless they’re just doing it because everyone else is.

Never really use the tv part just the shipping.


Why just make money when you could make MORE money? :wink:
Also pretty sure shopping, video, almost everything Amazon does is run at a loss or barely any profit. It’s all held up by AWS.

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Reports out of the UK this morning that the recently filmed episode of the Grand Tour will be it’s last in its current incarnation

Sorta forgot this show was even still being made tbh.


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Amazon Prime has grabbed the Australian rights to ICC tournaments from 2024 to 2027, including next year’s T20 World Cup in USA and West Indies as well as World Test Championships, Champions Trophy and ODI Men’s World Cup in South Africa.

Prime Video will also run a third season of its biggest sports documentary, The Test, which will focus on the 2023 Ashes Series and the 2023 World Test Championship Final.

EDIT: Amazon also broadcast New Zealand’s home internationals into India.


Wow wasn’t expecting that…


Interesting deal. You’d think they’d have to do a deal with a FTA to overcome anti siphoning.

At least it’s not on Fox. There’s a benefit in that.

Clearly the networks couldn’t stump up the cash the OCV were looking for.

Edit: in reading the article, no obligation for FTA if the world cups aren’t played in Australia.

Australia or New Zealand, yes. The ICC was offering either four or eight years of these rights - and given all the splurging on local sports and the Olympics, I’m not surprised that the FTA networks are saying “pass, come back in 2027”. (A T20 World Cup in 2028 is in AUS+NZL so would involve some anti-siphoning complications, if the list survives that long.)

Fox Sports not being interested is a small surprise, although perhaps same deal, it’s not like there was a lot of meat in the first four years, and they couldn’t bid for all eight by themselves.

I think Fox Sports/Foxtel might have bid to retain the rights but lost to Amazon.

These rights would have been great for 10 to rebuild its sporting portfolio.


(List contents aside, given it wouldn’t apply in this case) This is one of the areas that needs clarification in future legislation - there is a school of thought that as currently legislated it doesn’t bind streamers as they are not required to be licenced to operate their service.

I wonder if this announcement is an attempt to beat the new rules

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ahh, a staple of any TV rights discussion here


Seemed a matter of time before they were going to land a big fish here - even more interesting because they didn’t seem like a player from memory in the domestic rights cycle.

But you only have to look to the football and rugby in the UK, NFL (and last week’s Black Friday game in US) and it was clear a market like Australia would be next.