Am To Fm Conversions In Solo Markets


By the same token, 106.7 would be problematic for a proposed 2LM FM service due to Nova being next door.

Other alternate frequencies for 2LM that would be ideal, but is problematic due to potential adjacent-channel issues, is 97.5, which is in-between 97.3 from Brisbane & JJJ from Gold Coast.

99.1 would probably be the best frequency, where it not for the 1kW-powered SBS Radio service in Lismore itself (ie. not transmitting from Mt Nardi) that operates on 98.9. Otherwise, it’s far enough from Rebel’s 99.4 service in Mt Tamborine (in terms of frequency spacing) & RN’s 99.5 service from Coffs Harbour (in terms of distance + frequency spacing).


97.5 probably too close to the local Radio National outlet on 96.9?

106.7 maybe too close to SBS Nimbin on 106.3?


Beyond the Bonalbo flea powered service, coverage of FM 94.5 is difficult in the Upper Clarence as it’s the back of the antenna. FM 104.9 is the strongest ABC local radio service in the area.

None of the planning for Lismore has been done with 0.2 steps in mind. ACMA planned the whole stretch from Gympie to Lismore in one release in 2000 to remove conflicts. The quality of planning has deteriorated with the ABC requesting unplanned allocations at their two Sunshine Coast sites.

All current Mt Nardi services are on a consistent pattern of frequencies (shared with Passchendaele). The 2LM allocation should follow suit and other services be reallocated.


Is the narrowcast 91.1 that IIRC is listed in the Lismore licence plan on air?


Pretty sure it isn’t, there was no evidence of it driving along the Pacific Hwy when I was up there in June, but probably wouldn’t be suitable for a 2LM FM conversion due to 90.9 on the Gold Coast, and ABC Local Radio Bonalbo on 91.3.

I think the 91.1 HPON specs are for a lower power than 2ZZZ and at a site closer to Lismore, so it would be fine at low power.


Specs for 91.1 - not sure if this is the current LAP - dated 2014



That site is pretty much right in the middle of Lismore.


Re 2LM, They have a Translator on 104.3 witch they wont need with 50kW off Mt Nardi so maybe 104.3


Probably too close to the Radio 97 repeater on 104.1 near Currumbin.


Hat, ZZZ does not have ERP of 50kW remember?

Mt Dowe is still the chest beater.

To leave 104.3 on air is to continue the idiotic decisions of ACMA of very inefficient spectrum planning as seen in Tas and Bathurst leaving the FM translators on due to a compromised main site spec.

However, 104.3 would be the most popular station in the upper Richmond valley as all the Mt Nardi signals suffer multipath and terrain. It’s why there’s a TV translator for Kyogle. Nearby community stations such as Casino are heard better in Kyogle etc than the Nardi signals.

This is the in force for Lismore:


According to this link, 2BS’s proposed conversion to FM in Bathurst appears to have been given the green light by ACMA, as its new LAP came into force yesterday.


Total waste of spectrum to retain the translators and have compromised specs for the main site not in line with the existing FM service there.

An ‘offline’ submission from potential owners SCA?


Wonder is it to protect smooth fm?


Yes, along with Power FM from Nowra & Rhema FM from Gosford.


The 5kW null is to the south east (more in the direction of Nowra than Sydney or Gosford).

I’m not sure what it’s really there for when you consider Power is 50kw in that direction and you have the Blue Mountains and Great Dividing Range to further attenuate the Bathurst signal.


Of course ACMA would say that it’s in response to what Midwest submitted.

What is best for the whole central west is to ‘amalgamate’ the three licences within listening distance (Orange, Bathurst, Lithgow) and draft a feasible licence condition for each pair to service their existing market to satisfy the LCLC.

Yes, it may need a few more sections drafted into the BSA, so be it.

It would also remove the technical advantage and overspill complaints that have endured since the early days of high powered AM sites in the Central West. The markets are far too close but the legacy of 5kW DA coverage areas then being defined as licence areas in the late 80’s has created what we have today.

Best of all, it would prevent SCA from owning any more than their current pair in Orange and protect the smaller broadcasters to the east.


Re Mid West, ACMA should have pointed out that the 5kw null seemingly isn’t needed for B-Rock since 99.3 is 10kw omni directional.


Correct and this is the waste of it. Limit both. It’ll still boom into Lithgow.


Mount Ovens is located near Yetholme, which is near the eastern boundary of the Bathurst licence area. The population between Yetholme and Meadow Flat- the start of the Lithgow licence area- is pretty sparse. I reckon they could get away with 1 kW to the east.

You could even go with 1 kW to the south (towards Oberon) if 105.5 and 88.1 remain.


Though conversely Move FM gets into Bathurst well too. There are also a number of Bathurst businesses advertising on Move.