Am To Fm Conversions In Solo Markets


It should be no problem throughout most of the city, though admittedly I haven’t tried it in the alleys and valleys of the CBD. Perhaps @tamago_otoko could enlighten us further.


I havent tried in the CBD but it works in Geelong West


I got the impression that DAB works so well in Geelong that Grant Broadcasters wanted to “jam” the Melbourne commercial multiplex to prevent reception in the region?


Not great indoors in the southern burbs of Geelong. Mostly okay across the rest of the city with some drop outs in a car.


Yes, very well. Virtually consistent on the bypass, great in ‘Pako St’ (west of Geelong CBD, shopping strip of a slight renown), good reception in Vue Apartments in the CBD with a deaf Bush radio. Fine too on the peninsula, even the Barwon Heads DTV blackspot on a summer day with lots of atmospheric instability for stations.

It’s fine in the car, better in suburbs closer to the bay, would not be good down in the valleys where the Melbourne DTV translator serves most dwellings.

Yes, typical of Janet’s mob to not know how to deal with competition, they most certainly did and were forceful about it in the planning stage.


On air announcement:

Poor bloke stumbles over his words a fair bit.

Feedback on 7BU Facebook so far:

7AD Facebook:

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Paul Corrigan has it right.

Chat with Tim Holder here:

Tim nails exactly why AM has an advantage of these line of sight deficient areas, quite counterproductive to their idea.

Most interesting is the $300 000 spend for a new Burnie tower. Re build the AM site I say.

IT Wire republishes the media release:

NW Tas newspaper FB reaction, nothing on their own article:

Later, I’ll check the TV and online sources for coverage. Done now, could not find a mention. If you find other mentions, please contribute.


Bathurst LAP is going under variation and seeking submissions for the conversion of 2BS to fm.

It is proposed to convert to 95.1mhz from the the existing BROCK site at Yetholme, 1260m ASL, at an antenna height of 45m. It’s specs will differ from 99.3 BROCK Fm which currently operates at 10KW omnidirectional, as 95.1 will be directional 10kw, towards Bathurst, and 5KW towards Sydne / Nowra / Central Coast. This is to reduce interference to 95.3 Smooth Fm, 94.9 Power Fm, and 94.9 Rhema Central Coast.

Even with these specs overspill will still occur throughout the Lithgow Radio LA, and to Mt Vic and Blackheath in the Katoomba Radio LA. 2BS with continue to use their existing infill fm transmitters after Fm conversion from 1503khz to 95.1mhz has taken place.

No Lithgow LAP variation has been issued yet for 2LT who are also seeking to convert to FM, so it will be interesting to see what frequency ACMA puts forward for their conversion.


Submissions have closed on Friday. It will be interesting to see the submissions posted on ACMA’s site in coming days/weeks.


Righto, righto, enough of this rubbish.

ACMA are taking the lazy option here.

All stations in a market should have equal specs. This is not pay per kW.

Lithgow got a dud deal with their s39 knocked off the then clear channel 95.3.

B Rock begins from behind, co channeled with fringe interference from Chatswood.

Worse for the proposed 2BS FM allocation. Mudgee also suffers with different licences for AM and FM commercials. Inefficient use if of translator allocations.

If you read the ACMA explanatory paper, they’ve given up on their more critical analysis when they were pumping out the LAPs regularly up to the mid 2000’s.

It’s not a good result for Bathurst Broadcasters but it gets them to FM 'by hook or by crook; which is all SCA really care of.


I wouldn’t have thought that interference FROM 2NSB would be an issue, much more likely to be the other way around.


Welcome to a world that ACMA probably never envisaged being in - these proposals are going to suffer from the poor planning of the past that will be near impossible to unravel


99.3 Brock does not suffer from cochannel interference from 2NSB in its licence area as far as I am aware of. It is not until Mt Tomah that 2NSB dominates the frequency, and Katoomba eastward, both outside of it’s licence area.

However it is a different story for 107.9 Move Fm.Coming back from Bathurst yesterday the TCBL from Sydney on 107.9 was cutting in over the top of Move Fm at Clarence within its coverage area.
I am surprised Mid West Radio has not complained to ACMA. Simple soloution clear TCBL’s off 107.9 and onto 89.5mhz which is a clear frequency in Sydney.


Midwest probably doesn’t give a toss about that area anyway given the small population. The folk, in turn, probably move their dials away from 107.9 because they can receive Sydney FM as clear as a Bell.


That’s most likely correct, Clarence only has a population of 200 people so cochannel interference at the edge of their licence area at Clarence from the Tcbl would be of little concern to them. Their main focus of interest is now the Katoomba licence area, and improving their services from Wentworth Falls.

Same goes for 2BS, their proposed Site at Yetholme is located at the eastern edge of the Bathurst LA with only Sunny Corner, with a population of 92 people on its eastern boundary. Based on the sparse population to the east 2BS probably would have accepted a 1kw restriction to the east as long as they got 10kw towards Bathurst for their Fm conversion.

Move Fm has a 1kw restriction towards Bathurst but comes in more strongly there then it does in Wallerwang within its LA which is heavily shielded by terrain.

Will be interesting to see what frequency is allocated to 2LT for their Fm conversion from Mt Lambie, and if the specs match Move Fm.


I reckon 89.5 for 2LT’s Mt Lambie service. A frequency swap with TAB is required for this. I can’t see any other option at high power.

Sunny Corner is a small but vibrant community, often visited by intrepid snow chasers from warmer climes. Most of its residents (artists, hermits, intellectuals) probably wouldn’t listen to 2BS anyway.


That could cause issues for 2BS Blayney on 89.3

90.7 is another option, but that would require a change in frequency for 2EZY.

A “out there” option is something like 103.9 or 104.7


It’ll be interesting to see how well 2BS on 95.1 MHz will make it into Sydney, if at all.


It should come into elevated NW Sydney with LOS to the Blue Mountains, Dural, Annangrove, Acacia Gardens lookout etc.
It will have to overcome the lower ERP and splatter from Smooth.


A submission by Midwest Radio Network (owner of 2LT/Move FM Lithgow) in regards to 2BS’s proposed FM conversion.


Midwest are right. They have finally made a public submission to ACMA that they were dudded on reciprocity for their s.39. It was a good submission to read when they were made available last week.

I do recall the original allocation on 95.3 having much better signal than what McAvoy and co describe.