AM and FM DX

Strong signals from the north today. Also getting DAB from Gold Coast at higher than usual levels.


864 4GR received in Mt Gambier SA.


She gets out well for 2kw, well tuned ACU also helps :blush:


Pitty the old girl doesnt have as many listeners as she used to… I wonder why… MMM


Yep exactly. Why not keep the 4GR brand, especially on AM. Just say “part of Triple M” occasionally if they need to. If the sales dept can’t sell advertising on a bunch of regional stations with their own brands under a Triple M banner then they need a new career.


Triple AM, lol


Low level Rockhampton ABCs this afternoon.


There could be some unseasonal Bass Strait tropo this week thanks to this:

Hepburn doesn’t show any tropo extending as far north as Canberra, but it could surprise nonetheless. For Sydneysiders a setup like this usually yields some inland tropo despite coastal showers.


Victoria <—> Tasmania.


I realize this isnt TV DX but
I read this before
In 1957, the world record for TV DX was extended to 10,800 miles (17,400 km) with the reception of Britain’s channel BBC TV in various parts of Australia. Most notably, George Palmer in Melbourne, Victoria, received viewable pictures and audio of a news program from the BBC TV London station. This BBC F2 reception was recorded on movie film.

Has anybody seen said footage or know where its available?


Fyi, there is a “Long Distance TV” thread in the TV / General section.

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We have the smartest pool of Mediaspy contributors here in the Radio, Print, Online sub forum.


to be completely honest… never seen it !


Yep, it’s definitely there in the TV section.

As an aside, George Palmer’s son (Clive) is best left out of the discussion :wink:


You’ve got to be kidding me! LOL


Did some DXing when up at Siding Springs Observatory in the Warrumbungles today (1,165 m ASL). Access around there was a bit restricted, had to do it on my TEF in a grassy area near the car park, which is a bit shielded to the west and south. On the plus side, it was also shielded from Mt Cenn Cruaich, which is only 8 km away.

This is what I got

88.3 2ABC SW Slopes ST fair
88.5 2NWR Walcha
88.9 2YOU Tamworth ST RDS fair
89.1 2ABCRN SW Slopes fair
89.7 2HIM Tamworth fair
89.9 2RVR SW Slopes fair
90.1 2ABCRN Walcha fair
90.3 HPON Dubbo fair
90.5 HPON Tamworth RDS fair
90.7 2JJJ SW Slopes ST fair
90.9 HPON Mudgee fair
91.1 2WEB Coonamble ST okay
91.3 2MAX Narrabri ST good
91.5 2BJG Wellington ST RDS good
91.7 2PNN Tamworth good
91.9 2PNN Orange good
92.1 ?? weak suspect 2ARM Armidale
92.3 2MCE Bathurst fair
92.5 ?? suspect 2ABCRN Portland weak
92.7 2ZOO Dubbo ST good
92.9 2TTT Tamworth ST RDS good
93.1 2GEE Mudgee ST RDS good
93.5 2DBO Dubbo ST RDS good
93.7 2LND Sydney weak
93.9 2ABCRN Tamworth good
94.3 2DCB Dubbo weak
94.5 2FBI Sydney weak
94.7 2JJJ Tamworth good
95.1 2BS Bathurst ST RDS fair
95.3 2TRR Coolah ST good
95,9 HPON Gunnedah RDS good
96,1 2TRR Dunedoo ST okay
96.3 2YOU Quirindi weak
96.7 2ABC Upper Namoi ST strong
96.9 2HVR Murrurundi fair
97.1 2MG Mudgeee ST RDS good
97.3 2ILA Wollongong ST fair
97.5 2GGG Gunnedah ST good
97.7 2SBS Sydney weak
97.9 2GEE Kandos ST RDS fair
98.1 2VLY Muswellbrook weak
98.3 2NOW Moree ST good
98.9 2JJJ Wollongong RDS ST fair
99.1 2NWR Upper Namoi strong
99.3 2BXS Bathurst ST partial RDS weak
99.5 2WCR Coonabarabran ST good
99.7 2RFM Newcastle weak
99.9 2JJJ Upper Namoi ST strong
100.1 2BCB Bathurst fair
100.3 2NEB Armidale fair
100.7 2ABCRN Upper Namoi strong
100.9 HPON Bathurst RDS okay
101.5 2PNN Upper Namoi good
101.7 2UUS Sydney ST partial RDS fair
101.9 2JJJ Orange ST strong
102.1 2JJJ Newcastle ST fair
102.3 2JJJ CW Slopes local
102.5 2MBS Sydney weak
102.7 2ABC Orange ST strong
102.9 2KKO Newcastle fair
103.1 2ABC Tamworth ST good
103.3 2MO Coonabarabran ST good
103.5 2CCB Orange ST RDS good
103.7 2NUR Newcastle weak
103.9 ??? may have been 2PNN Canberra fair
104.1 2GGG Coonabarabran ST good
104.3 2ABCRN Orange strong
104.5 2GOS Gosford ST partial RDS fair
104.7 2ROC Canberra ST RDS good
104.9 2MMM Sydney ST RDS fair
105.1 2OAG Orange ST RDS good
105.3 2NEW Newcastle weak
105.5 2ABC CW Slopes local
105.7 2JJJ Sydney partial RDS fair
105.9 2GZF Orange ST RDS good
106.1 2ABC Newcastle weak
106.3 2PNN CW Slopes local
106.5 2WFM Sydney ST RDS fair
106.7 HPON Orange ST RDS good
106.9 2XXX Newcastle weak
107.1 2WPR CW Slopes local
107.5 2OCW Orange ST RDS good
107.9 2ABCRN CW Slopes local

Re 91.9 I did hear some 2MTM Coonamble in the car through the park in nulls of 2PNN Orange. First time I’ve heard that station.

Would like to have been able to find a possie on the west side of the Observatory to try for some exotics like Bourke and Walgett.


Some Winter Inland Tropo on the TEF
Bathurst with RDS on 95.1 and 100.9
Mt Uluara ABCs including 88.3 over WSFM Camden
Weak 97.1 Middle Brother, matched 97.9 Goulburn
XLFM in a null of CADA
Brown Mountain mixing with Bathurst and Sydney.
2EC, Power FM Bega in a null of Sydney.
93.1 Wagga, 93.9 Young.
Canberra ABCs stronger than Sydney.

Also had to consult the old Sony DAB radio and Canberra DAB was in as well


That’s interesting 89.7 Lithgow is listed as an AF.

There wasn’t any RDS there when I was there 5-6 weeks ago, must have been added since?

I also saw 103.3 Muswellbrook has added in RT Text with the location name too.

Ps. Like your TEF colour theme!


103.9 is used at Ulan, was relaying ABC Local Radio when I last heard it. I’d like to know if the Rebel on 107.5 is still going, too. Perhaps a scenic drive back through the Bylong Valley Way can answer the question?


103.9 Ulan is on air, I heard it at the Cassillis Park rest area on my last trip across. I suspected 2PNN at Siding Springs mostly because of 104.7.

I’m pretty sure 107.5 Rebel isn’t on air…i think it used to be listed on the Rebel site, but no longer is and I haven’t heard anything at all on that frequency along the Golden Hwy or around Gulgong / Mudgee (other than a bit of 2OCW Orange).

Bylong Valley Way is not on the way back, but next trip to the Central / South West i might go via that route…95.7 Triple J at Wilpinjong Mine is another I’d like to check for, haven’t heard anything from that yet.

And on my last trip back from Dubbo, I didn’t hear 2BS on 90.1 from Sofala at all along the Castlereagh Hwy down to Lithgow, so I’m wondering if some of those 2BS relays in places like Blayney are still on air or not since the move to FM.