AM and FM DX

Well done! Some great catches there too!


WS and KIIS now back on the main panel array at Artarmon.


:+1: Yes! And happy to report @RFBurns et al. that they’ve got their RDS RT back working correctly with the RT A/B field/flag message alternating to keep all FM tuners displaying the RT properly. :slight_smile:


Anyone noticed any issue with the 2SER 107.3 Sydney signal lately?

For me here in Newcastle, it used to be a pretty even battle for supremacy with MAX FM Taree … But MAX is all i can seem to get on 107.3 the last 5-7 days.


Still okay here. Still 0% BER on the RDS.
I did hear 2SER off air briefly one morning not too long ago. :man_shrugging:


The rain event (Rain Bomb) is creating some local Tropo enhancements this afternoon on my DX setup.

2ST very strong, just below RDS levels. A couple of months ago this enhancement would have had 2ST just above the noise floor.

C91.3 full RDS decode, normally below RDS strength. Sydney SW TV translators signal and quality enhanced.

Rhema CC causing quite significant CCI to Power FM.

92.5 ABC CC well above the noise floor.

Wollongong TV at Sydney TV strength, Wollongong ABC TV 35 being received with better quality and CN than Sydney VHF12.


Managed to do some DXing on the Brisbane to Perth flight yesterday with the permission of the cabin crew. Having a business class window seat also helped, lol.

Here is what was noted.
95.1 Hit Roma just SW of Stanthorpe. No local ads, just a straight relay of Toowoomba

Hit 106.9 north of Dubbo

2MG FM 97.1 North of Dubbo

2BS NW of Dubbo

Triple M Bendigo east of Ivanhoe

Roccy FM in same position. Stereo pilot but only in mono

Triple M Shepparton same position

Triple M Mildura same position

5RM same position

88.7 8SAT Urana South of Ivanhoe

91.5 Smooth Melbourne SW of Ivanhoe

96.5 Hill FM fighting with 96.5 Griffith SW of Ivanhoe

Adelaide commercial FM NE of Mildura

Hill FM Broken Hill over Mildura

Triple M Bendigo until. just north of Murray Bridge



Enjoy Perth.

Sounds like they get the same feed as Dalby/Stanthorpe/Warwick 4RGD, which is same as Toowoomba except with “South QLD’s Hit” sweeper instead “Toowoomba’s Hit 100.7”.

Though I guess they must have their own news and/or weather inserts to meet the 30 mins per day of local content.


Joining the TEF crew today


Have ABC Mount Goonanman coming into Toowoomba on 100.1 aswell 99.1 Mount Dowe coming over Triple M Country Toowoomba

Was not aware of the ducting till my other halfs Mum text me and went “whats with some sort of ABC program coming over the top of Triple M Country” had a bit of a giggle and went out to the car and grabbed my TEF and investigated


In Brisbane the opening is enough to just lift Breeze Childers to RDS level.



Not sure if the new Perth (work in progress) stream is someone on this forum, but if you need some guidance, feel free to shout out here.


Big signals tonight from both Rockhampton and Mt Dowe incl low level commercial and HPON.


Hey all got an abc classic on 97.9 tonight. GC QLD. Need help knowing where its from?

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Most likely 2ABCFM Grafton/Kempsey (Mt Moombil). Did get that by tropo from time to time in my area prior to 2ABCRN Goulburn existing.


Yeah just got coffs coast ABC on 92.3 as well. And a very faint hit 105.5. Not bad from the couch. With the whip that came with the TEF

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Bit of ducting tonight, hearing Sunny Coast and Kingaroy coming into Toowoomba
Matter of fact ABC Classic Black Mountain is coming over the top of 4TAB on 93.7 in Toowoomba

Despite my height Sunny Coast is not a everyday copy to where I live, and Kingaroy Hit isn’t copyable till I head up the Bunya Mountains


Wide Bay is quite strong in Brisbane with ABCs from Rockhampton also coming in.

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