AM and FM DX

It’s been off for a long time. Switched off about a month or so after 97.9 went full time iirc.


Another day with Middle Brother starting to lift above the noise level while Rockhampton comes in from the other direction.

Edit: Mackay MMM on 98.7 as well.


This is what I would do to facilitate an fm conversion for RN on 92.5 for the Illawarra with the same specs as the existing national fm.

Move 2UUU from 92.3 to 102.3
Move 2BAB from 92.7 to 106.3
Move 2BLT from 92.5 to 91.1 and give it a power increase to 2KW , put it on the Hit 101.3
array so it has mixed polarity.

Other outcome 2UUU applies for the 92.5 Moss Vale licence to extend their service to the Southern Highlands considering the commercial licence for Nowra covers this area.

No interested community aspirants so ACMA changes the licence to narrowcasting.

1 ARN purchases the licence to convert 1215 KIX Country to fm.

  1. SKY sports or SEN purchase the frequency for racing services.

  2. Music fm makes a comeback, but ACMA will probably cancel their licence before that happens as they have been given multiple chances to be compliant.


Tallest building in the southern hemisphere planned for Gold Coast.

Good future spot for DX?

Plans have been unveiled for a new super tower in Surfers Paradise. If approved, the 90-storey building would be the tallest in the southern hemisphere. A second tower 77 storeys tall is also expected to be built on the same block. #7NEWS

— 7NEWS Gold Coast (@7NewsGoldCoast) February 9, 2024

Canberra would smash these in the fringe zones, though (F)artsound doesn’t seem to bother 2BAB as it is (it seems to be off the weaker Poppet Hill array, though, unlike Mix 106.3 on Black Mountain). The only place where 2BAB and 1FART mix is around Nerriga, which isn’t in either of the licence areas.

Growing up I always thought they’d put something on 92.5 in the Illawarra…I was continually checking to see if a new commercial station popped up there. This was back in the days before I had the net or MediaSpy to check up on things…even Nova’s test transmissions in 2001 caught me off guard! One day I actually did get a pirate tx on 92.4.


I’ve DXed from 74 floors up at the Meriton building. Whilst it was definitely better, but not massively, than being 30 or 40 floors up, I doubt another 16 floors would make much difference again?

You’d probably need to get probably 200 floors up (550 m) to get over the Gold Coast hinterland, that would make a big difference westward in particular.


I remember a station called ‘Southern Star’ on 92.5 in the late 90s… do you remember where that was based at? (I only briefly heard it a couple of times).


It was based out of Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands. I used to get a good signal at my home near Campbelltown.

Here’s an aircheck of theirs.

Thanks to @dxnerd for the upload. :slight_smile:


Good spot for a TX, I understand @MrX is in favour of this idea.


I see you’re thinking there, but not sure that would be the best for Gosford, maybe for the Illawarra, but doubt ABC will damage one market to benefit another when there’s other ways. Yes the ABC would like 2BLT to be higher power but there’s reasons it’s not on 92.5.
I’m also not sure they’d want to change an in market on frequency spacing to one that’s off spacing & has potential for interference from another market, or even to another market at 2kW, especially given there’s not many free frequencies around this area & so many AM’s are supposedly converting to FM.

Also 2kW is not really regarded as low power, & 2BLT is only a translator service, if they were to increase it to 2kW (same as the communities), they’d really have to make it a stand alone ABC Central Coast station full time which they’d have to fund, & also it’d beam into Newcastle which I don’t think they’d want to do to 1233 ABC Newcastle, they’d be better off putting ABC Newcastle on FM from Mt Sugarloaf at 80 or 100kW to cover the Central Coast.

Another thing, 2BLT 92.5 is already mixed polarity, there’s 3 FM antennas on that tower, 4 actually, the one at the top for Hit 101.3, the vertical only one for the 4 community stations, a 4 bay mixed for ABC & a 2 bay mixed for ABC (backup).


Yes- silly me, how could I forget that and thanks to Mr. Expert for the link. I could hear Southern Star on 92.5 but not when it used 99.5, as that was too close to 2SSR for my El Cheapo Sanyo Boombox.


Unexpectedly late E-skip today - Hobart, Launceston and Gippsland all here into Brisbane over the last hour or so


There is a geomagnetic storm watch out at the moment; perhaps that explains the later than a pizza on Superbowl night Es.


@dxnerd did 2BRW play Bryan Adam’s “When You’re Gone” around 9.30pm tonight? And it wasn’t 2RE and i can’t imagine Skid Row playing that song.

As I heard that weakly on 88.9. But there wasn’t much else to report, just a weak Eagle FM and scratchy stereo 2ST 91.7 and strong Wollongong signals.

But no Batemans Bay or Canberra ABCs like i usually get.


Unfortunately ‘negatory, Big Ben’ on that one. We were airing Aussie Music Weekly then so that automatically excludes anything Canadian.

It’s not 88.9 (2YOU) Tamworth, either, though Bryan Adams would fit its format (their playlist is here):

I’m wondering if you had an mp3 transmitter or possible low powered pirate?


Hmmm interesting! Thank you!

I’ve never received Tamworth here since its on the other side of my building.

There was a short period of silence after that song and before the next one started, so I’m thinking either community or maybe an MP3 one.


Getting some nice enhancement from NNSW with Grafton, Coffs commercials etc


Can 2GF get over JJJ Scumshine Coast at your location?

Not sure if it was you or RLD( erstwhile Brisbane DXer) that had tentative 2MBS Sydney via tropo. I’m guessing Taree/Middle Brother is the most southerly transmitter received into Brissy via tropo on a regular basis. Orange and Coonabarabran are infrequent loggings.


I heard it in the car on some south facing hills during the last decent tropo opening in December, but hard to hear (and impossible to decode RDS) due to the aforementioned semi-local.


No 2GF doesn’t stand a chance here against JJJ. Yes occasional Mount Cenn Cruaich would be the furthest south for tropo.