AM and FM DX


Tropo now going coastal with Triple J from Mt Moombil received in stereo.

Newcastle commercials are getting stronger but not in stereo yet.


Inland troppo in Brisbane as well with GGG Gunnedah and Now Moree will parallel programs both Mt Dowe.


Must be the heat coming across from the west producing the ducting. You should see the Hepburn charts for Wednesday / Thursday, it is going to go extreme off the coast of Sydney!!!

Back to inland tropo again.

Eagle Fm blasting and Canberra still quite strong at my location. Zoo fm Dubbo is now being received.
The only coastal is Triple J Mt Moombil, and Middle Brother stations.

Newcastle is quite weak tonight with only slight to moderate ducting at best.

I wonder if Canberra Dab+ is getting into Newcastle tonight?


If reception of Canberra DAB+ is possible in Newcastle (although so far there’s only ever been one report of it happening, right?), what I’d love to know is whether or not a signal could ever make it into the Sydney metropolitan area.

Either way, I’ve generally had far more luck with coastal tropo so will be hoping for some good stuff later in the week.


Canberra Dab+ Reception into Sydney could be possible tonight, but you would require the right setup if having any chance (the highest gain band 3 antenna with a masthead amp, mounted vertically and aimed at Canberra.

You would need to be in an elevate area with good LOS to the south west, such as Dural, Horsley Park, near 2SWR tower, close to the Acacia Gardens water tower.
Chances will increase when they reach the full power of 20kw.

My setup will never get Canberra Dab+ as my 10 element band 3 VHF antenna is horizontaly mounted, and pointed towards Sydney. It may get Central Coast Dab+ at the very best.


Very intense tropo this morning into Coffs Harbour. ABC stations from Brown Mountain were strong, as was 97.7 Snow FM Cooma, all new loggings.

Batemans Bay ABC was also noted as was 101.1 2LT. 96.1 was fighting with Lismore 96.1 for space. 93.9 Tamworth was also noted.

The usuals from Wollongong, Sydney, Gosford, Newcastle, Warwick and Stanthorpe were all in too.


Tropo not as strong as last night. Eagle Fm still close to local strength, News Radio Canberra, and Triple J Coffs / Grafton still receivable, but not as strong as last night.


Middle Brother back in Brisbane this morning from south plus inland Inverell and Mt Dowe including GGG. To the north Rockhampton stations plus MMM Mackay 98.7. Last night most of the Armidale stations were very strong over the top of near locals.


Lots of troppo action yesterday, with Eagle FM strong driving around which was nice and a first for me 97.5 Triple G FM from Gunnedah.


well done Mechsta hearing my local pest on 97.7. Here I received Mt Moombil here at strong levels prior to heading off to work. 100.7 Triple M with RDS. last night (13th) heard Hit 102.3 poking through ABC classic Canberra. Despite Taree being very strong, I’ve yet to receive ABC Newsradio 94.7, but Jindabyne is so strong here it will take a humongous tropo opening to ever get it.


New Cal into Brisbane now in stereo but no RDS.


Yes that was me, but I’ve only received it once and it was very brief.

Yes Sydney reception of Canberra DAB should be possible, but as @Ant5476 says, only really acheivable in an elevated location.


I think Porters Lookout Dural would be a good place to try for Canberra DAB. You can even hear 93.9 Young in flat conditions there.


before heading off to work, noticed Brown Mt off air for maintenance. Noted B-Rock & 2NSB mixing on 99.3 & only heard TAB Bathurst on 100.9. Nothing was heard on 100.1 at all.


2EC Eden currently at loud levels on the Tecsun PL-390. I often receive this at good levels ~ 12-24 hours before a good NZ tropo opening.

Those in favourable locations should keep an ear on 89.0, 91.4, 91.6, 91.8, 103.4. 91.7 Westport may also be received if 2ST fades down.


Received the Maryborough and Coffs Harbour commercials today in Brisbane about 8:30am


Getting Power FM, 2EC FM and 2EAR FM Batemans Bay right now.

ABC stations from that area also very strong.

Nothing from Bega/Cooma though, the Sydney community stations are also strong, blocking those.


Apart from the usual Newcastle and Goulburn enhancements. Orange is quite strong tonight with no splatter from local frequencies on both national and commercials.
Other then that nothing special here so far tonight.


Also getting weak Coffs Harbour and Canberra ABCs.

And I forgot to add 106.7 2ST Ulladulla to my previous post.


Just got 2ST Bowral in my null of Triple M Newcastle - in stereo!

The stereo seems quite good now, just heard a 2ST "Summer’s Widest Variety Of Music " promo that had good stereo imaging.

2WYR 92.5 also received in a null of ABC Central Coast.