AM and FM DX


The best one I know of is Bald Hill Lookout at Stanwell Tops. It’s elevation of 180m ASL, and direct LOS out to sea makes it great for NZ reception. I have received my best NZ tropo and first ever NZ eskip from here.

91ZM Auckland was my most frequent catch. However this will no longer be the case, except for very strong skip or tropo reception with 90.9 News Radio coming from Knights Hill.


That’s the same with me. My first ever E-Skip from NZ also occurred at Bald Hill, which happened on 30th December 2007. On that same day, I had good tropo reception of 105.5 2EC from Eden in Wollongong. This was through my Sangean PR-D3L, which is a very bulky device, especially when compared with the Tecsun PL-390.


Yep- Bald Hill would be the best spot within an hour of Sydney for NZ tropo. Kurrajong Heights might be OK too if you’re out west. Seabreezes should push in as far as there by early evening.

Not extreme on the Hepburn maps but I’ve had very good reception to NZ with only moderate intensity tropo (yellow/green) on previous occasions; the key is that the path is widespread over the Tasman Sea.


I just bought a cheap world band radio from Target for $10 which I thought was a steal however the tuning line is out by a bit. The line is right on 104 and i’m receiving 105.1 Triple M on it. Should I take it back or can I take the back apart and retune it manually?

#2580 Here’s Proof on JLS Media Owned 1629am in Melbourne.


Null it on the Northern Beaches or Eastern Suburbs with a cliff blocking the north beam from Knights.

Return and exchange, but sounds like a poor build quality. Email the feedback.

If you’re into tinkering, you can keep it and try adjusting.

I tried a similar receiver and found the sensitivity poor, therefore returning it promptly.


I’ll be returning it tomorrow, the signal keeps going on and off repeatedly and the receiver is making bad noises.


Yes, they’re rubbish.


Yeah I think a radio worth about 80 dollars (list price) is probably the sweet spot i would spend on a radio now (but get it discounted or refurbished).


There is a spot in South Coogee (Alexandria Parade) where a cliff blocks reception from the south and west; 100.3 2MCR can’t be received and 96.1 is very weak. Northern coastal tropo is excellent here but NZ would be pretty good too I’d imagine.


I have used a Sangean ATS-505 for many years for AM DX and SW listening. The AM Bar inside it is very directional, as I previously lived in Cannon Hill in Brisbane and I could null out the 10kW 4PB 936AM ABC Service and receive 4CC 927 Gladstone with no interference from 936… Also does SSB on HF, bit hard to tune at times but when you tune the SSB in it sounds half decent.



I am thinking of offloading my Onkyo T-4711 DX tuner. if interested PM me. You can see the tuner in a couple of my YT videos. Mods done are the power cable & muting removed.


@Dj_Cazzah The receiver is making bad noises.

You might have accidentally tuned it to 2GB maybe hence the “Bad Noise”.


Just curious on 1629 khz in Melbourne, when I point the antenna to the South I get Radio Nostalgia but when I point to the East I get some Chinese signal, Could it be overlapping or is Radio Nostalgia overpowering the Chinese station?


With both being in the “non Broadcasting Services” band (1611 to 1701 kHz), they are not as heavily regulated as other AM stations are.

And that AM receivers are directionally sensitive due to the ferrite rod antenna in them, you appear to be in a location somewhat equidistant from both.


Very strong reception from 88.9 Fm (nee River) at Coraki plus Grafton area commercials tonight. Con-incidentally JJJ (104.1) off air meant 2MW received. RN on 105.7 all off leading to good reception of Radio Metro.


Took a ride up the F3 (now M1), listening to the cricket on abc local radio 92.5 fm, just after mount white the highlands community radio station cut in. I could not receive hhh at hawkesbury river bridge. You could probably get away with repeating hhh on 100.1 fm there.


tropo heads up - I’m receiving Taree 98.7 down here at Numeralla. So guys up north - look for the Monaro region


Also being received in Brisbane tonight.


Good tropo at my location tonight but it is predomently inland. Eagle fm was very strong earlier and was almost at local strength on the car, and Digitech Dab+/ fm tuner connected to outdoor fm Omni.

Through outdoor fm antenna
currently receiving Orange commercials and nationals. Canberra Nationals with News Radio the strongest. 103.5 ABC Local Radio Batemans Bay. All Middle Brothers with 98.7 Classic Fm quite strong.