AM and FM DX


Yeah the spill from Light FM made it tough, but in a couple of spots where Melbourne signals are a bit weaker down there it gives you a chance

Mind you, I also managed to get RDS lock on MMM Shep right next to the K-Rock blowtorch on another occasion, so I guess it’s more a measure of how strong the DX signal is


Please try 87.8 next time you get a signal from Hobart :slightly_smiling_face:


ESKIP in Sydney alert!!!

Djido 103.0 Noumea New Caledonia with RDS. Received now at Stanhope Gardens in NW Sydney. Through Digitech Dab+ / fm tuner, Matchmaster Fm Omni antenna.
30db Fm / VHF / UHF Matchmaster masthead amp.


@joshagnew I was able to receive Pulse FM inside Hobart Airport on my Sangean pocket DAB radio- not bad considering the RF pollution around there.

The LPON frequencies are jam packed in Sydney but I reckon your station would get into regional areas via Es.


That’s pretty good!

We’ve almost got line of sight to the airport. Mt Rumney blocks the path a bit though. Pretty good for a single watt!


I got the tail end of NCL, but had the antenna aimed the other way having a good Es opening to S.Aust. Best catch was Tribe FM 91.1 with RDS (updated the RDS list).


Do you have a Youtube channel, @dxnerd?


I always seam to be out or busy whenever New Caledonia appears…lol
Thanks for the alert.


Just found it by accident, was checking for ducting and was trying Triple M Newcastle when something strong started interfering over the top. Reception lasted for close to an hour.
This was the only Noumea catch I received. There was no other skip. My reception was not as strong or stable as dxer2200 reception on the 2nd Dec 2017. I have a very strong Hope 103.2 to contend with.
Great season for skip with two great opening within a week.


Yes- I’m dxnerd86 on there.


Heads up - some intense ducting now from NQ and PNG into SEQ might suggest opportunities along east coast.


Considering being over 100 km’s away from the transmitter with rugged mountain ranges in between I think this is quite impressive. Also I didn’t use the D-808 because I stupidly snapped the antenna and am waiting for another one to arrive via the post.


Some of the catches from this morning.

All the Cairns North ABC again, ACBRN from Herberton at 40w it overcame MMM Bundaberg. Also RN from Babinda and 50w ABC local radio Tully. Commercials included hit97.9 Atherton, 4CC Agnes Waters, Kool FM Innisfail, 4AM Ravenshoe.

Port Moresby received on 89.9, 90.7, 93.1 (Yumi) and 93.9. And a first for me. Yumi FM also received with clear id on 93.5 from Mt Hagan (300w).


Great effort, love reading the detail.


Benambra is north of Omeo so that is a fair effort given the proximity of the ranges. I have had Albury between Sale and Bairnsdale before, though.

I find it odd that Omeo has a Triple M Albury repeater (90.1) but not a Hit repeater. Were you able to check the RDS status of 90.1? It’s also geographically closer to Bairnsdale than Albury, and up the hill at Hotham you’re in the Wangaratta licence area.

Well done on catching the Port Moresby raskols again, @TV.Cynic


It’s probably because the smallest demographic would be Youth in the area as I’m pretty sure there would be more 20+ in the region so that’s probably why they only have a Triple M Repeater. In Goulburn valley it’s essentially flipped around with no repeater for Triple M for Eildon however they do have a Hit repeater in Eildon.


That’s the SFN on 93.7 with Mansfield and Mt Buller isn’t it? Mansfield and Buller have Triple M on 91.3; it’s a wonder they don’t have a tx in Eildon to complete the SFN.


There will be another massive heatwave for SE Australia starting this weekend and continuing probably well into next week. NE winds and sunny conditions are predicted for the NSW coast each day which should allow strong tropo to develop. The length of this heatwave means that NZ tropo is also a chance:


The ducts across the ditch don’t look that strong to me, and aligning up to Sydney maybe a chance later around Tuesday / Wednesday. Coastal fringe may get something but I doubt it will make it inland to my location.

Looks like I won’t have very good Wollongong tv reception into next week!!


Anyone recommend any good DXing spots for NZ radio DXing? I was on top of one of the carparks in Blacktown near the workers club to get them last time.