AM and FM DX


I noticed the same, I only had to go as far as Highfields to hear it.


The problems up in Newcastle with IMD are nothing compared to Goulburn. Eagle (93.5) and TAB (94.3) combine to produce a powerful IMD spur on 95.1 MHz which can be heard up to 25 km from Mount Gray. There are also weaker mixing products on just about every ‘Canberra’ channel; I know reception of Artsound 92.7 is impossible on my car radio when in Goulburn.

Next time you’re in the area, park near the cemetery on Gorman Road, North Goulburn (it’s where I take my drive thru Clown burgers). The IMD is particularly bad there, being fairly close to Mount Gray. The engineer responsible for this mess should be contacted.


The NEW FM issue isn’t as bad as it used to be … about 4-5 years ago, spurs of NEW FM on both 104.9 and 105.7 could be heard as far north as Bulahdelah (over 80 kms away!), north west to Singleton and south to the Entrance. It traveled almost as far as the NEW FM signal itself!


I heard the same issues when I was in Stanthorpe a few weeks back, so bad there the local TEN FM relay was even putting out RDS on a spur higher up the dial. Affected almost all stations it seems too. Fortunately there at least the translators are low power, so once you’re out of town it’s not an issue, but in the town itself most of the FM dial is covered in stations or their spurs


I went for a drive up to Singleton today.

The 107.7 spur is there most of the way, though masked somewhat where not in direct line of sight to Sugarloaf and where 2GO reception is okay, it’s also pretty weak coming into Singleton.

But up at the Apex Lookout at Singleton Heights, 107.7 produces clear NEW FM audio and NEW FM RDS text - this is 52 kms from Sugarloaf.


Don’t suppose you’ve got a video of it that I can send to ACMA, to get it officially investigated & whatever/wherever/whoever is responsible be forced to fix it, & hopefully sort all these out of band interference/spur issues out, once & for all?


I should have, no, but I have noticed it closer to home, I can try again next weekend.

I should add, that when I emailed NEW FM about the previous spurs on 104.9 and 105.7 , it was fixed 3 weeks later. Perhaps give them a chance to have a look at it first? I know @gordo92 has passed it on to them.


Yes I have passed on the reporting of the issue to my manager, have done what I can from this end… Been that Newcastle is not one of my sites I look after directly I am sadly at the mercy of what the Chief Engineer and Newcastle tech decide do in relation to the issue.

If your in Newcastle head to the 2HD studio’s and ask to speak to the tech yourself if he is there and explain the issue.


That’s correct for Newy signals.

Star have a great tower of their own.

My clue to tuning to Newy FMs was to spot the Band II antenna and try around there.

Good reception in Foster/Tuncurry as well as the river flood plain of the Manning north of Taree. Old Bar/Harrington should be good too.


Mt Roberts puts out horrible IMD on 98.5. Been there ever since TAB 96.9 came on air. Snow FM & TAB audio can be heard. Someone told me once, that its 96.9 + 100.1 = 98.5. So somehow Triple J from Brown Mt contributes to this.

  • Mt Gray makes quite the pattern. So why doesn’t Kev’s people do anything about it?

Would ACMA like a nice field trip out of Sydney or Canberra?

This has been going on for years. No action.


Probably because
A. 95.1 doesn’t directly prevent reception of anything else
B. There are no pesky DXers like us living in or near Goulbun to complain about it! (Goulburn isn’t a great spot for DXing anyway).

I remember in Newcastle before Triple J started that there used be some mixing of 2NUR and NEW FM on 102.1, even from 20 kms away. Both seemed equally present.


RE Dxing in Goulburn, the past trip to Goulburn on my car stereo I had Sydney Fm, Illawarra including Power Fm, and Canberra Fm.
There was some good inland tropo however.


1st FM Es of the season this evening from NZ - 89.0 Concert FM (18:44 AEDST)


FM Es in from Gladstone QLD 13:38AEDST 21st Nov


That’s a great result!

Just the ABCs, commercials or both?


Received 89.1 4KRY Kingaroy on the weekend, driving along Attunga Lane, Mt Glorious. It’s between the 740 - 760m ASL contour.

Transmitter site is approx 118km NW at elevation of around 600m + mast height.

All networked from Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Sydney and who knows where. Local commercials sound as if they’re produced on the Gold Coast.

On air ID is Hit FM.

Whole thing is generic.

Pity the South Burnett when they had a great local FM station owned by the newspaper (APN). 89.1 Power FM (Tarong Power station is nearby) was a unique and wonderful small market regional station.

Gutted in the last half of 2001 when acquired along with 4SB by RG Capital. Another independent lost. APN retained ownership well past the buying spree that DMG and RG Capital went on in earlier years.


just the ABCs + the TAB on 94.3


this is systematic of what is happening worldwide with the homogenization of all media. Eventually commercial media it will all owned by one mega corporation. Part of the march towards a one world government…


Is it a Sea FM station?