A good first half, although looked worrying early for west coast.

5 straight goals to Pies, but after a frenetic defensive quarter back and forth Eagles kicked 2 goals to 1 so that quarter arguably West Coast’s or fifty-fifty.

We have to remember, Richmond didn’t run away until after half time last year, so still early days. But you’d have to feel heaps better if you were an Eagles fan right now comapred to much of opening term.


West Coast actually won the quarter by a goal so it was definitely theirs. No argument or 50/50 :stuck_out_tongue:


What a game. You just feel West Coast are playing slightly better.


55-55 apiece at 3/4 time!

Looks like we might get a cliffhanger final after all!


Wow incredible ending. However, West Coast shouldn’t have been allowed their last goal. Clearly was a block.


Boy oh boy wowee! The Eagles have won over Collingwood for the third time this season. West Coast Eagles have celebrated the 2018 AFL Grand Final with a win over the Collingwood Magpies by 5 points in a nail biter! Official attendance was 100 022 people at the MCG.



West Coast has become the first team to win their four flags all in even years.
What a game. The turning point turned out to be Willie Rioli’s lucky goal late in the first quarter. After that the Eagles were able to get back into the contest and grind the Pies down.
For Collingwood it is back to the nightmare of 2002 when they lost a close one to the rampaging Brisbane Lions.
Remarkably, when Josh Kennedy and Jack Darling played together this year the Eagles won 13 out of 13 including today.


Knowing how popular the West Coast Eagles are in Perth, there’s likely to be jubilant celebrations in the streets in that city this afternoon and evening? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

TV ratings for the game and post-match celebrations will also be quite high in Perth, I’d imagine.


Thanks a lot @turdall


The Eagles also show the Dockers what it takes to win the premiership.
Today’s win could be the catalyst to upgrade Optus Stadium in 2020 knowing the Eagles will now get a full house to its home games all next year.


Ten headline


What for?


Jinxing the result, of course


Errrr… Yes, I think they will be! :slight_smile:

Also the first interstate team to win since Sydney in 2012.


Dom Sheed probably kicked the biggest successful set shot this century


I am extremely happy about the West Coast Eagles win. WOW! Back at the 2006 AFL Grand Final, more than 500k Perth viewers tuned in to watch the West Coast bring home the flag. In total, 3.14 million viewers watched the game on TEN.


Sorry but I won $250. So I guess I am not really that sorry.


Surely you mean Anthony Rocca in 2002 ??? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Your shout! :beers: