Hinkley? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah he will be gone if and when port fail to make a grand final.

I suspect Luke Beverige will also be gone if the bulldogs fail to make the 8.

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To be quite frank he should just not bother. It’s not like the players have been bothered to play spectacularly this season. Would just tarnish him even further.

I watched it was weird to put Simmo on the spot like that. Wouldn’t be surprised if he told the Eagles to just get a new coach.

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Don’t underestimate the West Coast home crowd. They will make ‘one last hurrah’ very worthwhile for Simmo.

That being said, I would totally accept his decision not to do it.


Ross Lyon? St Kilda having a disastrous season

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What a absolute joke of a publication. I am embarrassed this is our only state publication, given all the local competition is gone.

Adam Simpson is right, the media are cruel, and it’s clear their childish reporters can’t take a justifiable sledge towards them, after the relentless reporting since last year.

Too tone deaf to actually do better and report his departure in a respectful manner, none of which they have.

Anthony De Ceglie was at the forefront of this toxic culture and work ethic, and enabled it while at The West Australian. Good luck 7NEWS…


I don’t think st Kilda will do anything this season

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West Coast CEO Don Pyke said today that Simpson had decided to leave the coaching role immediately, but would attend this Sunday’s game against Brisbane, and acknowledge the club’s supporters.


Easily the worst newspaper in this country. Sensationalist parochial drivel.
They even make the Murdoch rags look like classy publications by comparison.


There’s potentially a real fine line here - this front page highlights an inconvenient truth, the last three years have been abysmal and history will record Simpson as a premiership-winning coach who was also in charge when the wheels fell off the wagon spectacularly.

The West could have done a much better (and nicer) job of reporting the news, but I suspect this front page may also reflect the feelings that many Eagles fans have.

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There is no doubt that the years since the 2018 Premiership have been tough for a number of factors, and I, as a West Coast Eagles Member since 2017, had been critical of Simpson myself, due to his reliance on legacy players he has known since his tenure began in 2013 (making tough decisions hard from a friendship perspective), and at times, stubborn nature of not admitting we needed a rebuild (he called it a “transition”) until the end of 2022.

Last year, I personally backed his retention as Coach, given he finally had a near-healthy playing squad for selection after years of limited choices, the horror injury run we experienced, and the optimism brought up through the Draft and Don Pyke’s appointment as CEO to succeed the very successful Trevor Nisbett, who was in the role since 1999, and joined the Club in 1989.

At the beginning of the Season, early signs appeared positive. But after the sugar hit from the Western Derby and Melbourne home game wins, the morale stagnated again. And when you have rumours of both young and senior players expressing their alleged disharmony in text messages, things start to sound dysfunctional.

I wanted Adam to see out the end of his Contact till the end of 2025, but compared to last year, I felt more neutral about his coaching fate, as change can be an exciting thing.

Regardless, he is a West Coast Eagles Club legend, getting us to “the big dance” twice; first in 2015, then again in 2018, bringing the Premiership cup home to WA. He has cemented himself among other Club greats, like Mick Malthouse and John Worsfold. That will never change.

Yes, there are Eagles supporters who are happy that his time as Coach has come to an end, they have their opinion, as does the opposite side of the coin who is against it.

The West’s front cover for sure does not sugarcoat the Club’s performance in recent years, and yes, sometimes brutal honesty can be a good thing for development.

But myself, scores of AFL admirers who don’t support the Eagles, and several media personalities in both print and radio as well as Fox Footy’s AFL 360, agree this is not the send-off Simmo deserves after countlessly facing the media each time, and should be treated with respect, with his mental health being a big factor. :blue_heart::yellow_heart::eagle::rugby_football:


Mentioned on The Front Bar tonight.


Hoping both Katy Perry and Essendon will be there for that last Saturday in September, although Taylor Swift is free - bring her back to the G’


The Appeals Board disagreed with all three elements of the Swans’ appeal, finding that the Tribunal was allowed to follow the new guideline (clause 4.3b), meaning it was within its rights to determine Heeney’s strike was intentional.

Video message

A message from Isaac Heeney ❤️

— Sydney Swans (@sydneyswans) July 11, 2024

I think Tay Tay would be too expensive. Perfect for Katy though considering her album comes out a few weeks before the GF. Hopefully it sets the tone for future pregames as we do get some hit and misses.

I do find it amusing though she would get over 1 million for this performance but did the superbowl for free.

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I guess Superbowl is worldwide exposure/publicity money can’t buy. Much different to the AFL Grand Final which doesn’t have many viewers outside of Australia.


The Superbowl don’t pay artists at all. Not really a choice there then.


I remember when the Head of AFL said the umpiring was good. I am sorry but it is quite diabolical. They miss so many throws, pushes in the back and out bounds on the full in the Hawks Freo game today. I wish umpires could be better.


St Kilda youngster Lance Collard has been handed a season-ending ban of six weeks for the homophobic comments he made to multiple opponents against Williamstown in the VFL over the weekend.

Fox Footy’s Jon Ralph - who first reported the indiscretion - reported for the Herald Sun that the allegations involve multiple f-word slurs and multiple victims.

EDIT: the ABC reports Collard was investigated for directing “unprompted and highly offensive homophobic slurs” towards two Williamstown opponents in a VFL game. After the penalty was announced, AFL chief executive Andrew Dillon warned players of more severe sanctions for homophobic slurs in future.