Yeah and he’s not a great guy full stop as well irrespective of footy, kinda gets what’s coming for him.

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What makes him “not a great guy”?

Just his general aura.

His behaviours, personality, attitude, comments, etc whilst not all the time, has left a lot to be desired. That well known Essendon one was just one example. Always has that nasty smirk too.

Also when Jobe Watson got his Brownlow taken away, the new winners, there was a very humble and taken aback one in Trent Cotchin (who also commented on Watson), while zilch from the other in Mitchell.

Not denying though that he was a fantastic player and champion of Hawthorn, helping steer them to their famous back-to-back-to-back Premierships. Just on this, as for a strong leader or definitely senior coach, question marks IMO.

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Yeah I don’t understand that. I would love to know exact things he has done that make him not a good guy. Every time I have seen him on things like footy classified I have found him really transparent and really easy to listen to.

Although Essendon fans might not like the action he took we have seen many sports fans do similar things to those accused of cheating with drugs. Australian swimmers refused to take the podium with Chinese swimmers for years.

Well, on TV I’m sure he’d be on his best behaviour and media trained by the club publicity/comms team


So it’s just his stance he took on drug cheating people have an issue with?


Wow Melbourne how embarrassing (they’ve actually gone down below GWS on the ladder losing percentage!) and welcome back West Coast.

Demons can play at Optus, played a great GF there during COVID under lights and ran away in the final quarter.

Whoops :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :man_facepalming:

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Some observations this round

  1. The North Melbourne Kangaroos remain winless after being smashed by Essendon by 40 points
  2. Port Adelaide break Hawthorn’s hearts with a heart stopper at Adelaide Oval.
  3. The Eagles stun Demons by 35 points at Optus Stadium.
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And who would have thought by round 11 that Essendon would be second on the ladder? :man_shrugging:




Nobody, most had them near the bottom, in a continued semi rebuild.

I reckon a lot wouldn’t have had Brisbane, St Kilda or Western Bulldogs near the bottom.

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What is a pass mark now for Essendon this year. If they don’t win a final is a fail in my books.

I had bulldogs and st Kilda right where they are (which I wouldn’t class as near the bottom). Bulldogs are only 2.5 games from second place. It’s a very even season, Geelon could go to 8th at the end of next round.

Brisbane and Adelaide have been the surprise for me. I had Adelaide doing really well this season. And Brisbane I thought would do a lot better.

I most certainly didn’t have Essendon in 2nd but I’m sorry I still don’t rate them as a top 6 team. I hope they prove me wrong but I can still see the dropping out the 8.

I don’t think it gets mentioned a lot but Brisbane have had a lot shorter preseason. They played to the last week and played a week earlier than normal. Which makes managing injuries and surgeries really difficult. I do think Brisbane will make a big run home though.

Winning a final after two decades might be the result every Essendon fan wants. Especially after what the Clubs been through.


This has been doing the rounds on social media (in fact not just this but AFL socials have been on fire tonight) :joy: :joy:

Nor do I Port Adelaide, FWIW…

I completely agree.

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Agree with this as another Port Fan. Honestly thought they had lost till I tuned in for the 6pm news.

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I know a person (previously) close to him so basing that off that. And it’s not a disgruntled ex or friend.

Ok but you still haven’t really answered the question.

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Not sure if this has already been brought up here, but Essendon being second after round 10 is the highest they’ve been on the ladder at this point of the season since 2001.


And since 2013 (when the drugs sage broke), also still Hird coaching and reigning Brownlow Medallist Jobe Watson… Who knows what could’ve been that year(s), maybe a Hawthorn GF, throwback to the 80s, oh boy :drooling_face:

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