SDNR is two weeks to allow every club to have a home game to celebrate their Indigenous players and local history.

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Sure but please just answer the question.

Are the names reversed after this?

I think your question was answered above.

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Then FootyKick is right.

It’s just a meaningless stunt really.

If the AFL really supported, acknowledged and respected the Aboriginal communities then why isn’t this made permanent?

Why the 2 week celebration then back to status quo?

That kind of stuff is literally the definition of a stunt.

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Not even going to engage. You can’t fight xenophobes.


How is that comment being disrespectful?

It’s a valid point.

It’s pure tokenism at its finest.

Make it permanent. That’ll make the AFL genuine and real allies and supporters of the traditional land owners.

Doing this for a few weeks then going backwards means nothing. It’s all forgotten about the weeks later.

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Wow just wow such racisim .


As for why it’s not permanent… my thoughts that for commercial reasons mostly eg. the Melbourne Demons as a name has more brand value than Naarm.

Also you could make the argument that making it permanent can dilute the special nature of the occasion. It would kind of be like making every day your birthday.


That’s exactly why we stopped taking a knee or other things, you lose any meaning if you do them over and over and over again.


Come on, my comment is not racist. Seriously.

My point, as @David has re-iterated, is that it is a meaningless exercise. If these teams were serious about Indigenous issues then they’d permanently re-name themselves.

Teams re-naming themselves for a weekend reeks of ‘look at me’, box-ticking ‘PR’.

And not that it’s any of your business, but I voted yes in the referendum last year. Re-naming a team will not help close the gap and support those who need it most.

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What exactly is racist?

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If you are going to toss around such lofty and frankly bizarre accusations as accusing a member of being racist - please at least spell ‘racism’ correctly.


What a heartbreaking loss for Hawthorn this afternoon :slightly_frowning_face: The Hawks led Yartapuulti (Port Adelaide) for all afternoon (by as much as 41 points), and were up by 28 points at three quarter time, only for the home side to snatch the lead with two seconds to go thanks to Darcy Byrne-Jones. Power kicked 4.6 to one lousy behind in the final term.


Ahh, what a sweet sweet round, yet again :wink: :joy:

Carlton thrashed by a team who were in the Bottom 8, Hawthorn lose a nail biter and Essendon win (now 2nd on the ladder - although would’ve also been good for Port to lose given they’re now Top 4).

Just need West Coast to cause an upset over Melbourne tonight out west.

A strange Sunday though, with North, Hawks and maybe Eagles playing surprisingly well for parts…


Ignoring the shocking comments around the indigenous names. Unbelievable people don’t want to educate themselves.

Amazing win by my boys. Hawthorn absolutely deserved that win but played a different game in the final quarter.


Further to this:

Essendon go back above Collingwood, while the Pies drop (despite both moving up from previous round).

While Port also leapfrog the Pies.

Carlton are out of the Top 8, now behind Fremantle, who are also out of the 8.

While West Coast could go above Hawthorn (who lost today’s heartstopper) and St Kilda (!) on percentage.

However, if Melbourne win tonight, on %, they’ll go back in the Top 4 (to 3rd), pushing Geelong to 4th and Port will fall outside the Top 4, moving Collingwood to 6th. GWS and Gold Coast round out the 8.

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Port fan here, we won but it was more a loss because with three terrible quarters.


Except we are currently in the top 4 instead of out of the 8


I’ll take that any day of the week :grin::smiley:

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Sam Mitchell jumped to the top national trend online, after Hawthorn’s excruciating loss at the final siren, after the Seven cameras showed him in the Adelaide Ovel coaches box with head drooped and looking dismayed, while also a ton of Essendon fans are going after him, as Mitchell was a known hater (and infamously did the ‘arm injection’ act on field during the drugs saga), not to mention being bitter rival clubs anyway.

Probably only for another 90min (but FWIW Eagles have started well and Harley Reid is also suddenly trending online after an amazing running goal from out of the centre all the way to the 50 arc)