I wasn’t. The result was exactly what I was expecting


Such a high scoring game too. Not often the losing team scores 100 as well.

I’m guessing the heat was factor causing fatigue in defence.

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Carlton… Woah.

I was expecting a Geelong win (especially with a Geelong without two key forwards , a captain and a backman) but never was I ever expecting them to win by 60 points or for there to be 260 points scored in Darwin.

Some observations so far this round:

  1. Re-naming teams to Indigenous names is just ridiculous. It is just a marketing exercise with absolutely no long-term meaning

  2. Richmond are in deep trouble. Can’t believe how many FTA games they’ve been given in the next block of the fixture

  3. GWS home game attendance is abysmal

  4. Ross Lyon is making St Kilda worse. Another game they’ve thrown away.

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  1. I couldn’t work out who was supposed to be who.

  2. Sydney sports fans are very fickle. The same happens when Sydney NRL teams are near the bottom (though their crowds are usually still into 5 figures) and the same will happen when the Swans inevitably slide down the ladder one day.


and 5. The Suns are finals bound under new coach Dimma


The Brisbane Lions have smashed Richmond Tigers by a whopping 119 points at the Gabba. I was very surprised about the Brisbane Lion’s performance.
Interesting fact: two Queensland teams have scored 160+ points in Round 10.


Clearly you don’t understand the significance , so why am I not surprised you use that to attack a culture ? But hey if it doesn’t meet your white standards …. Lol


Lol look at the colours of the team.
Not that hard at all in he score card.


This I ageee with. Not sure what the whole point of bringing Ross Lyon back was. He clearly isn’t able to read the game much these days.

Someone bought up the idea earlier of St Kilda merging with another team possibly North Melbourne , would be interesting to do that not sure how long other clubs (successful ones) can carry the load of these two wasteful teams.

It’s also a way for clubs to embrace and celebrate the indigenous roots, links, and culture of the game.


The colours on the scorecard (on FOX) are usually too small to see properly. Lol

Third time this season but yes, used to be much more common.

Melbourne’s been rebranding to Naarm for several years now with barely a blink of an eye. More clubs than ever have embraced it this year which (sadly unsurprisingly) really seems to have brought the culture warriors out of the woodwork.


That is true. But you have other means to identify the team as well. :slight_smile:

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Yes well, I’m only really a casual AFL observer (see avatar).

I don’t have an issue with what the clubs/AFL are doing, just makes it a little more difficult to work out who’s who.

Also doesn’t help when the the jumpers are often a similar design (eg. stripes or hoops mostly).

Google is your best friend. It’s there for a reason.

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Loving the racism around this. Guess we know how you voted last year…


Do the names go back to normal next week?