holy shit this is absolutely vile, I hope those who have been affected by this are doing okay, considering the circumstances. I hope some action such as what occurred at Collingwood after the do better report came out occurs.

I think this sounds absolutely fantastic. I actually made a similar suggestion back in 2020 after the season. It is a great way to promote the game in NSW.

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The full statement

The Brisbane Lions are aware Senior Coach Chris Fagan will work with the AFL on an investigation into allegations concerning historical events at the Hawthorn Football Club, where he was a former employee.

Chris supports and welcomes the investigation.

He was not consulted during the Hawthorn sponsored review and looks forward to the opportunity to be heard as part of the AFL investigation.

The Brisbane Lions and Chris have mutually agreed that he will take a leave of absence from the Club so he can fully cooperate in the investigation.

As the matters are now with the AFL Integrity Unit, the Brisbane Lions won’t make any further comment at this stage.

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What do they mean by sponsored review?

I think it just means it was authorised/commissioned by the Hawthorn Football Club.


The ship has probably sailed on this one

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North Melbourne released a statement this afternoon

The North Melbourne Football Club is aware of serious historical allegations made against individuals who worked at the Hawthorn Football Club, including incoming North Melbourne coach Alastair Clarkson.

The matters raised are now with the AFL’s Integrity Unit and Alastair welcomes the opportunity to co-operate with any investigation relating to the claims.

Alastair was due to commence work with North Melbourne on November 1 however he will delay the start of his tenure to allow time to fully participate in the investigation.

Given the matters raised are confidential and the investigation is ongoing, the club will not provide any further comment at this time.

Clarko also released his own statement this evening

It’s a gut-wrenching read and a pretty horrid situation all round. Going to wait for more to come out before passing any judgement of my own or jumping to conclusions but when it comes to reporting this stuff accurately Rusty Jackson’s track record is second to none.


Delta Goodrem will join Robbie Williams at the pre-match performance at the grand final on Saturday. It will be Delta’s second appearance at the event, after her controversial addition to the line-up (snubbing Silvie Paladino) in 2005.


Apparently this years parade on the river has been very average. A lot of people not happy.

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I like it

I waited for over an hour on Princes Bridge as it was indicated that the boats would turn near the bridge. They ended up turning much earlier leaving many of the crowd upset.

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Where did you stand?

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I was in Canberra for the a queens memorial so watched it on tv

So this is from a perspective of someone at home? Surely the parade is about the families who go and making it an enjoyable experience for them not for TV.


Robbie Williams have been met with critical acclaim. Well done


Was a great pregame show.


Swans got the AFLW on standby to jump in at some point perhaps?


They got monstered in the first quarter… not looking good for Swannies at 41-6 down.

Not a good first quarter for the Swannies. Not looking forward to see where this game goes…