One has to wonder whether the week off advantaged the Bulldogs. And disadvantaged the Eagles. West Coast had all the momentum to only look extremely flat tonight. The Bulldogs regrouped, rested up and looked a completely different side from 2 weeks ago.

Great win by the Western Bulldogs tonight, their first first win outside Victoria and first finals victory since 2010. I am sure both Geelong and Hawthorn will want to win tomorrow night’s qualifying final, because it will be very hard to recover from a tough slog in the wet to face the Bulldogs in a week’s time.

WHAT… A… GAME :smiley:

AFL, MCG, Ch 7, Foxtel & advertisers will all be celebrating.

You’ll NEVER see a nail-biter (literally final 10sec) in a footy final again!

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I’ve seen NRL finals determined AFTER the final siren.

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It was a good game. But if I didnt think I would ever see a ‘nail biter’ again that would be sad. It happens every year often with Hawthorn. I still remember the 2014 prelim final that I went to. Port were down by 4 goals and came back big time. Still the best game of football i have watched and my team lost. I love those types of games. Hopefully there is more games this finals season.

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As a big Hawks fan I’m very disappointed but I guess we were bound to lose one close game sooner rather than later.


I think I meant ‘like that again’, sorry :+1:

Sitting in the MCC at the 'G, it was an amazing final!

I was at the game last night with a colleague (who is a Geelong fan). Thrilling game and finish. I was a bit disappointed but philosophical with the result. I still wonder if Geelong’s win is a good thing given they will have played only once in the 26-day period, between round 23 win over Melbourne and the preliminary final?

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Who were you supporting Luke?

I still haven’t jumped on the Geelong bandwagon. No doubt they have talent. But I believe they have some selfish players. I have never ever been a fan of Dangerfield. Joel Selwood plays for way too many free kicks. And I just don’t rate Hawthorn - and in fact think they can be knocked out in straight sets. The real test for Geelong will be up against one of the Sydney teams or Adelaide in 2 weeks time. Sydney v Geelong and Bulldogs v GWS would be the ultimate prelim finals.


I’m a passionate Bombers fan (and MCC member).

Yes yes, go ahead with the drug trolls/jokee, I’ve heard them all & honestly I didn’t think we’d win a game, we won three :slight_smile:

I was UNEQUIVOCALLY supporting Geelong last night.


I’m a passionate Port supporter so not going to troll with drug jokes considering 2 of our players were victims. I think it was a stupid decision and definitely not the player fault. The only reason why Essendon annoy me is that they make it sooooo hard for others to trade players. But that is just good management trying to get the best for their players. (Gavin Wanganeen and Patrick Ryder).

EDIT: Plus anyone that makes fun of Essendon will probably be regretting it when they absolutely smash the competition next year. I expect them to fly to top 4 with the side and coach they have.

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Yeah it was a terrific contest last night. Truth be told I thought Hawthorn played better for large chunks of the game and probably deserved the win, but we got a few lucky breaks, scored some goals at key moments and they missed some. Isaac Smith would kick 99 out of 100 of those shots normally, but believe me I was thrilled to see that shot spray wide!

I still think Sydney are a length in front of the rest of the comp - I’ll be curious to see the result of today’s game but I expect their experience to dominate over the finals-debutantes from GWS. Adelaide could be a sneaky too. But both Geelong and Hawthorn will have to improve a notch if either wants to be a chance to win the thing

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Can’t wait for the historic AFL Sydney derby final :smiley:

Hoping for a cracker game!!

My eyes rolled with the 3:20pm first bounce (typical Ch 7, 6pm News lead-in stuff there…)

It has worked out really well for the double header and enough time to air news though.

I haven’t watched a lot of Geelong games but I think they have a few hidden gems in their team. Daniel Menzel didn’t play well last night but popped up at the right time. Corey Enright is still a gun across half back. I am surprised Geelong won also. Hawthorn dominated inside 50’s and uncontested marks. When they do that they normally win. Geelong stuck in there and had the legs to win.

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I think 10-12 clubs need to look at how Sydney and GWS are playing. Immense pressure. As soon as they opposition gets the ball they get tackled. Brilliant game so far. The Derby has not disappointed so far.

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I’m going to call it GWS v Sydney Grand Final.

Unbelievable game, I’ve said that the past two nights BUT I mean it now :cold_sweat:

AFL & Ch 7 would be over the moon with this finals series thus far. Biggest ever finals series (week 1)?

Secretly that’s what the AFL wants.


…and Channel Seven Sydney, especially if there’s no local teams in the NRL Grand Final this year (which is certainly likely IMO)!