And Cairns will not have any AFL games this year, instead Gold Coast will play against St Kilda in Townsville. Considering that Townsville has limited AFL appeal in this city, the crowd numbers are quite low with under 7000 attending at the game. I’d say that Gold Coast v St Kilda could draw good numbers at the game.
I watched the highlights of the Gold Coast v North Melbourne in Round 1, 2018 and noticed that the game was played during the night in horrendous weather conditions in Cairns. For me, I found this game to be the most boring, scrappy and horrendous game that I have seen during the highlights.


What’s it to be then?


Yep, off to Ballarat. There’s 88 games in Melb, should be 4 or 5 each really.
2 at the MCG, 3 at Docklands is fairly reasonable.


Geelong doesn’t actually count as Melbourne, neither does Ballarat.
Buy a Victorian membership, you’ll get a seat to neither.


Ideally would rather it the other way. Especially when teams like Collingwood get 14.


It’s strange how many Sunday arvo games Hawthorn have to start the season. And after having a relatively easy fixture last season, I can see why we have one of the hardest ones next year.


Do you think you have one of the hardest? You only play one top 6 team twice.


With Port Victorian memberships I was able to redeem a free ticket for those games, Crows will be the same


2nd hardest fixtures according to Championship Data



I just wonder what you find hard about it though.


Or you can put it as… we play 4 top 9 teams twice. And Brisbane beat us twice last season.


I haven’t had a good look at it to be honest just wanted to know what was hard from it because when I looked ok to me.


Playing West Coast twice doth not a hard fixture make


No they clearly aren’t. I already said that.


I wasn’t able to redeem a free ticket for the Ballarat game. I have an AFL membership tied to Port Adelaide.


I was with a Port membership through the club itself.


The Port membership cards don’t mention Geelong or Ballarat but that’s only cause the card itself won’t scan. I have no idea why it doesn’t cover those games as both venues have a small area for away members.


I’ve just compared the 2.
Port’s is a Victorian membership, valid for all games in Victoria. States on it that for games outside of Melb you need to contact the club to redeem your ticket.
Adelaide’s is a Victorian membership, valid for all games at the MCG and the Docklands. Very specifically states (like it always has) that it isn’t valid for use at any other venue.
Price wise, Port’s is $320 for 11 game Vic compared to Adel’s $260. The other Vic one is $175 with Port and $50 plus $20 per game with Adelaide.


Bulldogs members don’t even get into Ballarat. Geelong isn’t included in Victorian club’s away game memberships either.


Look like doing a few games this year, including three games over Easter Weekend in Melbourne (the two on Saturday involving both Melbourne and Richmond, may have to leave one early to get to the other but I think it’s easier to get from the MCG to Docklands rather than the other way around, plus Dogs vs Carlton on the Sunday), Dogs vs Richmond in early May (Long weekend in Qld), Eagles vs Dogs on the first weekend in June (tied to my South Africa mission, more on that in another thread), Gold Coast vs Richmond on Marathon weekend on the Coast (can’t wait to see if there’s a reaction to Lynch), and Brisbane vs Dogs on the first Sunday in August.