Even if the game was at Marvel it wouldnt get 30k in that weather


They will have the roof closed at Marvel Stadium.


Yes but people still have to travel there and back in the rain


They still wouldn’t get 30,000 is what he is saying.


The thing is that there is no train services to the Adelaide Oval and it gets really hard to connect to and from the stadium.


Adelaide Oval isnt that far from Adelaide Station, I used to get the train to games when I lived in Adelaide


There is a train service and now a tram station outside Adelaide Oval. That is factually incorrect.


There are several bus routes that depart from Adelaide Oval and could be a long walk from Adelaide oval to the bus stop.


Its not. I lived in Adelaide for 20 years. They literally go from King William Street. What is the point to all this hypothesising that you have clearly no idea about?


I’m just saying about if the weather is raining in Adelaide during an AFL game, they have to walk from stadium to the bus stop. It will take about 5 minutes to get to the stop.


I see. People don’t like to leave the house when it rains. I went to the Sydney and Hawthorn game earlier this year, incredible game, but the crowd was underwhelming because of the rain and cold. Simply, people don’t like being wet and cold. It wouldn’t matter if it was Marvel, MCG, Adelaide Oval or even Optus Stadium. Some will choose not to go because of the weather.


On many occasions, the weather can get wet in Brisbane and the Gold Coast during the AFL Season. Brisbane and Gold Coast has rain mostly during the summer months. But Queensland is mostly warm all year round. But the point is the crowd numbers at the Gabba and Metricon Stadium is quite low.

Meanwhile in Northern Territory, the weather is very dry and warm, especially in Darwin. In Alice Springs, the humidity is very low but temperature can be quite cool to mild during winter months


Ok but that wasn’t the point of any of my posts. But thanks for the information.


In Alice Springs, the crowd at the Traeger Park was very low with under 8000 people attending the game. Next year, west coast eagles will play in Alice Springs for the first time ever against Melbourne demons. I think that West Coast need to adapt to these sort of conditions. Alice Springs weather can vary from time to time.


Considering Alice Springs has a population of about 25,000 and no other large towns nearby, 8000 is a good crowd


Richmond only travel outside Melbourne 4 times next year.

Essendon and Collingwood a massive 5 times.

Carlton have to travel outside Victoria 6 times and travel to Geelong.

Melbourne only have to travel outside Victoria 7 times, 2 of those games being in Alice Spring and don’t need to travel to Adelaide oval. They also travel to Geelong. That isn’t too bad. This is what I would like to see more of from Victorian clubs. 7 times outside Melbourne.


Good luck getting from Marvel Stadium to Southern Cross in less than 5 minutes. I don’t get the equivalency here?


Richmond have 13 games at MCG and 5 games at Marvel Stadium and travel to Adelaide, Perth and Sydney
Collingwood have 14 games at MCG and travel outside Melbourne 5 times.


Yes, if you read what i said above that is what I said.


One is Darwin, one in Alice Springs. Apparently Melbourne are only contracted to play 9 home games at the MCG, so even without their NT sponsorship it’s likely those games would be at Marvel.