New team in the NT.
Move GWS to Canberra. As a Swans fan, good riddance to bad rubbish.
Move Gold Coast to Tasmania.



Gold Coast seem to just be splitting the supporter base with the Lions, so they are spending lots of money and instead of growing the pie like GWS seem to be managing, they are hurting football in the region.

Sure it’s mostly sentimental to want a Tasmanian team, but if you’re going to have some very marginal teams in the competition, I think football heartlands should be prioritised.


A laughing stock that finished in the top eight? I’d rather be in contention than tank for season after season for draft picks to have a short ‘premiership window’.

Even if we had fallen just outside the 8, I’d still be happier with a season like this year than to watch my team be thrashed week after week.


Yeah that would be simple but no I don’t really agree. I think Gold Coast needs time. Its a long term strategy. You can’t give up like that. And GWS are steadily increasing memberships so pointless moving them. Move the Victorian clubs that are struggling in a saturated market.


The thing is that they want to be a bigger and bolder team and being financially viable but the point is that some players have left. Gary Ablett left in late 2017 where he returned to Geelong. At the end of 2018, it was reported that Tom Lynch has signed a 7-year deal to the Richmond Tigers. Steven May is set to join Melbourne Demons if Jesse Hogan finalises a place in Fremantle. Gold Coast are trying to lure Jack Hombsch as a possible replacement for Steven May. Steven May wanted to return home in Melbourne.
Meanwhile, Andrew Gaff decided to stay at the Eagles after he decided to reject his deal to North Melbourne. Scott Lycett wanted to come home and joined POrt Adelaide. So how good will that be for Lycett.


Wouldn’t be surprised if the Suns aren’t around in 2020. Seems like Carara Stadium just isn’t a drawcard for AFL


Just because players have left doesnt mean you shut the club down. All clubs go through financial difficulties at some point. This was discussed about 6 years ago about Port Adelaide. Having teams from all around Australia is what make the AFL the Australian Football League. Who knows what might happen in QLD when a tram starts to be successful. I honestly think Brisbane is 12-24 months away.


Average crowd (2018):

Metricon Stadium - 13593
Spotless Stadium - 11999

Clear to say that the Suns and the Giants both aren’t going anywhere. These are both long term projects and I’m of the belief the Suns actually have more upside as a business model if they can actually get a good team on the park.


Average crowd (2018)
Bellerive 10879
York Park 12578

I’m not sure why people here keep suggesting to send the Suns to Tasmania?
I agree about the Suns, plenty of upside if the team is good.


To be honest as well, I know I keep suggesting a Victorian team to move to Tasmania, but I am not sure if Tasmania would want a rejected club. I think the only way locals are going to start supporting a new club is if it is a new team.

As for QLD I think it has potential to work. I remember when Brisbane were flying high you would often see the Gabba packed out. Even this year I remember watching games that involved Brisbane at home and there were some really strong crowds. I know this isn’t the Gold Coast but I believe given a few years and some success you might see it go the same way. The AFL needed to boost the top end of Australia and if it means they are in the red for the next 10 years so be it. Its a long term project. Not a short term one. I think people can be quite impatient and expect results overnight.


As what Craig Hutchison said on Footy Classified last year, that the Roos would move to Tasmania. He states that the roos will play 9 games in Tasmania - 5 in Hobart and 4 in Launceston (They will get Hawthorn out and play normal games at MCG and Etihad). Roos will play 2 home games in Melbourne to keep North Melbourne interested.


I think its a good idea but I know if I lived in Tasmania I wouldn’t just suddenly change my favourite team because North Melbourne moved to Tasmania. If you lived in Tasmania would you change from supporting West Coast to North Melbourne?

I think the only way to change the local from supporting their team would be to have a new local team.


Yeah, the point is the next TV rights deal for 2023-2028. Cuz in Tasmania, you need to have the local teams that will replace broadcasts on TV. Nine could get the AFL rights once NRL season concludes in 2022. Tasmania is a proud afl state - they want to deliver good crowd numbers. The capacity is 19500 people at Bellerive Oval. North Melbourne will play 3 games at the Hobart ground


Oh really? You didnt mention tv rights once in your last post so i missed that as being your main point.

What does this actually mean?


Local teams replace broadcasts into non-Victorian teams. For NSW, Sydney and GWS takes priority. For QLD, Brisbane and Gold Coast games take precedence. For SA, Adelaide and Port Adelaide games replace Channel 7 broadcasts. For WA, Fremantle and West Caost games replaces the Channel 7 broadcasts.


But that is why I am.saying that Tasmanian supoorters of AFL aren’t just going to suddenly drop their team for North Melbourne just because they relocate. Most will not get their favourite team on FTA. A new local team would be the only way to see some fan switch over.

As for the next rights we dont really know what will happen so the comment is totally irrelevant. Foxtel have been wanting for years to have exclusive matches and want interstate matches to be run only on foxtel and it is beginning to trickle through on the current deal. Who knows what the next deal will include. They might say to seven you cant show the matches in Adelaide/Perth etc unless its the match you purchased.


Hutchy wouldn’t have a clue! He’s quoting stuff that’s been around for years, ever since NM started playing games here. Yes, the AFL (and AFL Tas, you’ll never guess who runs that…) have actively sought to forcibly relocate NM here, except Hutchy can’t even get the numbers right. It was 8 in TAS (4/4) with the remaining 3 home games played at the Docklands.
Tasmanians don’t want a relocated club, they want their own and the crowd numbers over a lot of years show it. In fact, if both sides didn’t make so much money from the state government to be here (they bankroll the entire thing in one way or another) then I’d suggest neither would be here.
Most Tasmanians already have their own side, don’t think they’ll get too many moving across to support a side just because it’s called Tasmania. Would end up as financially reliant on the AFL as the Suns and Saints currently are.


All of this is garbage. None of it is anything more than speculation. Tasmania isn’t a proud AFL state, it is a proud Australian Rules state - they’re two different things. The AFL is regularly in the highest 20 rating programs each week in Tasmania. Given that they air on the two lowest rating nights traditionally, I’d say needing to have local teams on Tv is garbage.
Fair chance NM will play 4 games in Hobart in 2019 also.


What I am annoyed about is Channel 9 Football Reporter, Craig Hutchison. He has no other clue but making stuff up. I am starting to get very annoyed with him shoving his own opinions. I didn’t watch Craig Hutchison as host of footy show because he brings nothing to the show. When he was on the Footy Classified, he keeps spouting negative agenda on North Melbourne saying whether they won’t make finals.


So one minute you’re telling me Hutchy is right and the next his is a baseless opinion. Fair enough.